Immigration Regulations for Vietnam

by Ha Ly
(Ho Chi Minh City)

• Entry visa exempted for the following countries' citizens holding official passport:

01 Albania
02 Argentina
03 Algeria
04 Afghanistan
05 Bangladesh
06 Belarus
07 Bulgaria
08 Brunei
09 Cambodia
10 Cuba
11 China
12 Hungary
13 India
14 Indonesia
15 Republic of Korea
16 PDR Korea
17 Laos
18 Malaysia
19 Mongolia
20 Myanmar
21 Nicaragua
22 Philippine
23 Russia
24 Romania
25 Singapore
26 Slovakia
27 Thailand
28 Ukraine
29 Yugoslavia
30 Moldova
31 Mexico
32 Iran

Entry visa exempted for the following countries' citizens holding ordinary passport:


• The following countries' citizens were taken the visa dispensation if having the ordinary passports for abroad missions:

01 Bulgaria
02 Cuba
03 DPR Korea
04 Laos
05 China
06 Mông Cõ
07 Romania
08 Ukraine

Singapore and Malaysia citizens members of ASEAN Secretarial Staff are free of charge of visa fee if holding the Ordinary Passport for aboard missions.

1. Foreigners entering or exiting into/from Vietnam must hold a valid Passport or relevant personal documents that are issued by relevant authorized Vietnamese Government agencies, unless holding a diplomatic passport.

2.Foreigners apply for entry visa at Immigration Management Agency on behalf of Ministry of Police, or General Consulate Office on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Affairs Office.

3. Persons under 14 years of age and informed coming along notification with adults will be exempted for entry visa.

4. Foreigners want to enter Vietnam and can apply for entry visa at Vietnamese international frontier passes in following cases:

a) Attending a relative's funeral ,or visiting an illness relative.
b) Deriving from countries that Foreign Affairs Representative Agencies of Vietnam or General Consulate Office of Vietnam do not exist officially in that countries.
c) Travelling to Vietnam guided by a Vietnamese International Tourism companies.
d) Technical supporting in cases of emergency needs ,giving first aid to serious illness persons, giving first aid to the casualties, natural calamity helping, epidemic diseases in Vietnam.

5. Visa in Vietnam permits entrance or exiting into/from through Vietnamese International frontier passes.

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