In Love and Need Work in Vietnam

by andy
(Ho chi minh city)

My name andy. I'm Australian-Vietnamese. I have ran away from home for nearly 1 year now. I left to vietnam because i met this girl on facebook and we fell in love and as you know it is hard to keep a relationship going while im in australia and she in vietnam.

So i decided to to leave home and set a journey to vietnam and live with her. I left australia with $12000 AUD and within 3 months all that money Gone. I dunno how i did it but it gone.

For the last 4 months I've have been selling product from Vietnam on ebay to the world and it last until ebay suspend me and i can't make another account because if ebay detect my ip in vietnam they will supspend me again. I tried many time with VPN but never work.

I met a american guy and he live in the same apartment as me but different block. He told me his stories and he ran away as well but now he a director some big company in vietnam.

But me i have no income now and i have to live on but i dont want to leave my gf here so my friend the american guy his name is chris he gave me an advice telling me to go teach english. I have a bachelor business administration degree with houston university in texas but havent got any CELTA or TEFL or TESOL certificate.

I was thinking of taking a course online from MIDWEST EDUCATION GROUP it a TESOL COURSE 120 HOUR DONE online do you recommend me taking this course will it get me a job with good income i dont look for much around 1500 USD a month is ok.

Please help me and give me the best advice you can because I have no experience in teaching english. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. :(


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I hear your pain, my friend. I am also an Orphan and have never known family.

Take a deep breath because this is not the end of you. It is the beginning if you don't give up. Fighting for what you love is not rewarded in the society we now live in.

You have taken the hard road, which 99% of people are too frightened to take. So start by giving yourself some credit. You are strong and full of courage. Not many people are.

I admire you for that but it is time you got busy.

Ebay is a dead end for you in Vietnam. Forget them because they won't help. Using a VPN will put you high on their list of TOS violations. You won't get your account back if you continue with that.

If you are familiar with Ebay and you know how to use it then start emailing people that sell novelty goods or any kind of Vietnamese art or products.

Write to them and tell them that you are in Vietnam and that you would like to supply them. Seriously. I now send bamboo bracelets to an Ebayer in the USA. I send him 2000 units per month and take a good profit from that.

You should not do an online course at this point. I recommend that you look at the free trial Online TEFL course with i-to-i. Go to the bottom of that page and you will see that they offer many free Ebooks on teaching abroad.

They also offer very popular Teacher Kits that are filled with lesson plans, exercises, handouts, essay exams, and more.

Everything you'll need to plan out a complete class.

The problem is that you are Vietnamese-Australian and not a true native-tongue English speaker. I also feel that you may not have been completely honest with me.

You said,

"I have a bachelor business administration degree with houston university in texas"

That confuses me. You said that you are from Australia yet you earned a degree in Houston, Texas. That is a lot of world travel.

You can still find work at many schools but you may be offered a lower pay rate than native-speakers.

I think you should make a resume. If you do not have one, then start today and make one. Then make 30 photocopies and go to every school in the city.

Ask your friends for help to edit your resume and then hand one to them. Your USA friend sounds like he could help you get work.

Give him a copy of your resume.

You need to go to every school there is. With a degree such as you have you will get a job easily.

I am hesitant to give you contact numbers so the only way you can do this is by "Pounding the pavement". A TEFL course will give you some good training but you will get work without one.

Your expectation of $1500USD per month is high. Most schools will try and pay you local wage.

If you have the qualifications that you claim and your writing and grammar is better than you have shown here, then you should push hard for a foreigner's salary.

Good Luck to you.


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