Incomplete bachelors degree

by Anokhi


i recently got offered a job teaching English at a school in Hanoi. Its a hospitality school and i have worked in hospitality for 3 years. That combined with the fact that i got ESL certified and am a native English speaker, the job seems perfect for me. Ive also been teaching English in the Himalayas for the last year. At the moment the institute has asked me to send over a bunch of documents needed for the work permit and Visa. I have all the documents required exceptt a completed bachelors degree. I did 4 years at my university and have all original transcripts for these four years but i failed one paper. This (12 marks shy of the passing grade) has resulted in my degree being withheld. The university does not allow for makeup exams either so i am unable to go and finish that paper without having to invest another 4 years and 12,00,000/-. My question is, is it possible to get a work permit after submitting valid work experience documents, along with my transcripts (that says CCGPA Not Complete)

I love teaching and after 3 years of working in a corporate environment i know there's nothing else i would like to do. I intend to get my TTC while i work as well.
Please tell me if my paperwork is enough to get a work permit, and if not what i need to do to figure a way out of this!

please write to me as i am quite literally about to pull my own hair out


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Apr 10, 2017
No Degree - No work Permit
by: Philip

You are not able to qualify for a work permit without a completed degree in Vietnam. End of story.

Having said that, I know of 100s of people who work without a work permit in Vietnam. The schools hire many teachers without the necessary documentation.

The only way is to go there and apply directly to whomever is in charge of the school. They will often use your inability to produce a work permit, or be qualified to apply for one, as a bargaining chip.

You will not get as high a salary, and you will be responsible for your own entry and remain Visa, but 90% of the schools in Vietnam will hire you.

BUT, they will not hire you over the internet. Only once you are standing in front of them.

Philip from

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