IT Work to School Teacher Vietnam

So, I've worked as a consultant in IT for a number of years and got fed up with the grief.

5 years ago I retrained as a Teacher. I thought that's got to be more rewarding even if a substantial drop in pay will occur.

It was and it did!

But I've got the yearn to travel again and having been to VT for a month in 2006 it's the place I most want to go back to.

So I've started my research and was put off by the clean criminal record stuff, done a few things a good number of years ago let's say folly of youth.

Nothing that has prevented me teaching in the UK.

When I started reading the official stuff about work permits I thought I'm stuffed here.

Needed to get a visa to visit the states last year (very expensive and time consuming) thought here we go.

But I was very happy to read your article and very encouraged. Balls are growing as we speak and flight booked for 4th Feb.

Magic and thanks for giving me the little push I needed.


Brian fae embra


Reply from

Hi, Brian. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to be of help.

Sometimes we just need to hear it from others before we stop questioning ourselves.

If you were good to teach in England then I'm sure you will be as welcome in Vietnam.

Glad to see you set a date and are going for it. It's harder than most people think to just up and turn your life upside down.

It's not lost on us.

But everyone knows that the happiest and most successful people take chances in life. Something like you're doing.

Respect to you, Brian


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