Lao Cai Vietnam

by Lobo Johnson
(miyami,florida,united states)

Rice Terrace of Lao Cai

Rice Terrace of Lao Cai

traveling in vietnam was wonderful experience whether it was hitch ride ,monuments or sceneries of man made lake .I was completely mesmerized with the natural beauty of Vietnam but the one place which I liked most was picturesque mountain which is located in Lao Cai province of Vietnam.


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Tough to understand you, M8. You said your name is Lobo Johnson and you come from miyami,florida,united states? I don't know if you are having me on but Lao Cai is very beautiful and worth mentioning. I have added a picture to your post of a rice terrace that has become a symbol of Lao Cai.

If you have some information about Lao Cai that would be useful to budget travelers then please write an article and we would be glad to add a link.

Thanks for the post and reminding me that I should add some more information on my own about Lao Cai.

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