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by Chuck

We are arriving PNH 1600 and need to organize a van/bus for 7 to 9 people that same day to REP

tx wayne


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Hello. Thanks for all the effort you put into your post. I am having trouble understanding if you are looking for people to share on a bus to ... /

You say you want a bus the same day to REP. What is REP? My best guess would be Siem Reap because their airport code is REP BUT I have heard people calling the Republic of Laos REP before.

If your destination in Siem Reap from Phnom Penh then I think you are out of luck. The last decent bus leaves Phnom Penh at 5pm.

You could get a cab but it is not a good idea to travel the roads during the night. Even now that the road up there is a huge 4 lane highway, I know of no bus company and few taxi drivers that does the route later than 5pm.

You'll have to overnight in Phnom Penh but the first bus leaves at 6am and there are many budget hotel rooms to choose from. You'll be able to get tickets at the front desk of the hotel, but look around at the travel agents if you have time.

I have seen people pay $20USD for a ticket that should be no more than $7USD or $8USD

Good Luck

Maybe you could return and clarify if I got it wrong.


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