Mango Hong Kong

by Adrian Permata Scanlon
(London, UK)

Mango, Hong Kong?

Mango, Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's summers can really drain you (positively of course!) meaning that cold refreshments are much needed.

A personal favourite of mine, a crushed ice mango drink found on street sides hits the spot in a way that goes way beyond satisfaction.

The glow emitted by the iced drink stall in the picture illustrates what a cup of this does to you, it revitalises you and ... at the risk of sounding cheesy, it brightens you so that you can take in HK to the fullest.


Reply from

Hello again Mr. Adrian Permata Scanlon. (Photographer)

It is a cool Photo. Maybe the glow is the ghost hanging off your back! Just joking.

What's with the love of the mango drink? Come right out and say it if you are going to die without a daily dose of your wonder drink. Tell us more and thanks again for the photo.

The photo is a really good look at a typical Hong Kong market (from street level now).

So many people think of the view from Victoria Peak as a trip to Hong Kong. There is so much more and the markets don't get enough attention on this website or others.

Adrian. How about you promote yourself here as a travel writer for Hong Kong? Write about the markets or whatever you think is important for people to know about Hong Kong.

We need a writer for Hong Kong.

There is no pay for now because we barely make our server payments but you would be author and owner of whatever you write or take Photos of.

Nearly 1000 visitors to this page alone per month could get your name out there and noticed. You are really quite good.

Think about it and let us know.

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