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by Dave

I probably shouldn't worry about it but I have an Ocean Crustacean type phobia. You know, stand on the wrong piece of coral and whammo, you could die from the poisons if you don't get medical attention.

People always look at me as though I'm slightly retarded when I tell them I am off to Cambodia.

Maybe I can get them off my back if you post some reassuring facts that the medical care available in Sihanoukville is of high quality.


My Parents are Nuts, not me.


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These so-called third world countries are booming with Medical Tourists. These are people that go on holiday specifically to get medical treatment done in 1/4 of the time and for 1/10th of what they are at home.

If you are from Canada that means avoiding the 2 year waiting list on non-life threatening surgeries (Unless you play on a professional sports team).

As a result of Medical Tourism, governments are pouring money into bigger, better and more professionally staffed hospitals.

The goal for many countries is to become the most desirable place for medical tourists to visit.

The one hospital and single medical clinic in Sihanoukville are not on par with the best hospitals in Thailand but are very well funded and maintain very high standards.

There is nothing better that taking out a $30USD / month travel medical policy. It is worth the measly investment and it takes the
worry out of your head.

I have always used Travel Guard medical Insurance.

It is the best for me but I recommend you do your own research. Ask a ton of questions before choosing a plan.

Buying some simple travel insurance will be the best money you ever spent if you are in an accident. At worst it will be a $30 loss that most people would spend on a night's beer anyway.

Useful Emergency Medical Numbers

CTT Medical Clinic, Sihanoukville

This Clinic was meant for people with money or insurance. Facility is well staffed because salaries are high which attracts the best people. Even a few foreign Doctors are on the staff.

They are an outpatient clinic with Ambulances and specializing in Emergency Medicine.

Telephone: <034 934 222> or <016 858 391> or <012 723 338> (All Emergency Numbers).

Or try the,

International Peace Hospital

(This is a crowded facility meant for all public access. It is very inexpensive to get medical care but it is a long time coming and through doctors often practicing medicine out of University)

The International Peace Hospital is located right in the heart of downtown Sihanoukville, Cambodia (Pretty small place thus easy to find).

You can reach them on the 24 hour Emergency Service Telephone Number <012 794 269>.

They speak very good English so don't worry about that.

But if you have international overseas travel insurance then choose The CTT Medical Clinic. You just have to flash your insurance card and it begins.

Stay Healthy to all…

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Apr 22, 2016
Sihanoukville International Clinic
by: Anonymous

Sihanoukville International Clinic is a comprehensive medical and diagnostic center, offering a broad range of medical services and making it possible to solve most health problems with Western-level medical care without leaving Sihanoukville.
phones 097-8-911-911, 099 011 911

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