Mui Ne Accommodations (Phan Thiet) at the Best Prices

Mui Ne accommodations used to be quite scarce. Very few websites were taking reservations for any of the Budget Mui Ne Hotels. That may be because the Vietnamese people refer to 'Mui Ne beach' as 'Phan Thiet'.

All the ex-pats in Ho Chi Minh City told me about a beautiful beach resort called Mui Ne. No one bothered to tell me that the Vietnamese call it Phan Thiet.

Everywhere I went inquiring about Mui Ne, People stared at me like I was a buffalo chewing on some grass.

It'd be like you asking me to find you a room in bull city. I'll never find a bull city even though your intentions were to say Pamplona, Spain.

So, the only accommodations we have in Mui Ne are listed as being Phan Thiet Accommodation. I think even an Ant can walk from Mui Ne Beach to Phan Thiet.

So far though we are poor in the budget accommodation department for Mui Ne Accommodations(Phan Thiet). There are only a few that made the cut. Vietnamese people just don't seem to like responding to Emails, especially the tiny budget hotels.

I think our "Cheapest" Room is $30USD a night. We loved it because $30USD was cheap for what we got.

They had 30' wide marble pillars in the lobby and a jacuzzi on the huge deck outside the room!

Mui Ne is a paradise for those choosing to stay in mid range accommodation and the numerous 5 star resorts.

You would pay $250USD for a room of the same quality back home in Europe or the U.S.

Don't be afraid to just jump on a bus and head up here. I have never found a problem getting a room but then again, the rooms I found online and booked online were a much better deal.

There is a wide range of Mui Ne Accommodations, Resorts and Guesthouses along the beach to match every budget. But they are difficult to browse because they are spread so far apart.

Few places use Street Numbers. If the address says "Km 7", it just means that this place is located 7 Kilometers away from Phan Thiet City, in the direction of Mui Ne.

Along Dinh Chieu Street is where most Mui Ne Accommodations are clustered.

Budget Mui Ne Accommodations

First we start with the bookable budget Mui Ne Accommodations. They are probably more mid-range but I have to give you the $30USD place first.

You can check out photos, see the map and get directions and most important; You can read the review others have left about the place.

Interesting stuff and the best place to get at the truth.

Read more about the Park Diamond Hotel

Another of the $30USD places. Click above to get to the page with all the info about this of the Mui Ne Accommodations.

They have a 1,000 sq swimming pool, tour office, tennis and volleyball courts, karaoke huts, billiards area, souvenir and gift shop, laundry, large parking area, gym, spa, restaurant & bar and modern conference rooms which will seat up to 250 people.

It's a pretty new place and a lot further up the beach than some people like. That offers more quiet and serenity but forget about going anywhere at night.

This is supposed to be a budget website. Below are some Phan Thiet Hotels that are under $8USD a night. I feel that I should not always give hotel recommendations based on price alone.

I have been in Vietnam over 2 years so I have the luxury of finding places with the best return on the dollar. You can pay $30USD and be in a palace beyond what you can imagine or go for the $8USD an night one.

You may get to see a foreign rat and you will certainly be overwhelmed with 'Fees', Taxes and obvious overcharging. But it will be cheaper and for some, spending money on Phan Thiet Accommodations is a low priority.

Spending $30USD in a bar is not. To each their own.

  • Anh Em (Coco Café)

121 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Phan Thiet, Vietnam
Ph. (062) 847-729.

Character-less rooms but they are clean and come with a fan and private air-conditioning (Extra). High-speed internet is available in the lobby and you can also rent a motorbikes here.

Rooms are across the street from the beach and can be had for as little as $8USD to $15USD.

  • Saigon Café

168-170D Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.
Ph. (062) 847-091 or (062) 168-170.

Rooms are sparse but the beds are comfortable and clean. Saigon Cafe is located on the East side of town so is quieter and a bit too quiet at night.

There is a Restaurant downstairs as well as an internet cafe and a ticket office for the bus or train. The rooms can be had for $8USD to $15USD.

Moderate Priced to Expensive Mui Ne Accommodations (Phan Thiet)

18 Nguyen Dinh Chieu.

The Beach is located on the Mui Ne beachfront amongst beautifully landscaped tropical gardens lines with palm trees. It's a ten-minute drive to Pham Thiet City and the Nick Fold-designed Ocean Dunes Golf Club.

Rooms have natural wood furniture and are well lit with balconies to relax on. The large pool area has sun loungers and there are many umbrellas set in the sand on the beach where you can watch the fishermen catch the evening meal.

Learn more about The Beach Resort here.

54 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.

The Blue Ocean resort in Mui Ne has air-conditioning and satellite TV in all the rooms and surround the large swimming pool. On site is the Sheridan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant.

I would recommend not booking a room near the pool since the rooms are right next to the pool and offer no privacy.

The villas are in a perfect position, right on the beach and have two day beds on the patio outside each room so you can lie on the bed and watch the sea.

Get more information about the Blue Ocean Resort in Mui Ne.

10B Huynh Thuc Kang

The Little Mui Ne Cottages are situated on the famous white sand beach of Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, just 200 km North East of Ho Chi Minh City. The Little Mui Ne Cottages were built in the typical fashion of a Northern Vietnamese village with traditional thatched roofs and clay finishing.

Tidy rooms and large bungalows around a sizable pool in the quiet East end of Mui Ne beach.

Get more information on the Little Mui Ne Cottages.

24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu

The Sailing Club in Mui Ne is set amongst beautiful landscape. The staff is friendly and the food so good that you must try the oven roasted Sea Bass with cauliflower mash to know.

The breakfast was impressive as well, unlike the typical bacon and eggs from the buffet counter ... you get to pick from the menu a selection of freshly prepared delicious meal of your liking (included in the room rates).

The Sailing Club in Mui Ne is especially popular with water sports enthusiasts & expats from Ho Chi Minh City. This Mui Ne accommodation can get windy in the afternoon, therefore great for kite surfers.

Get more information on the Sailing Club, Mui Ne hotel and resort.

Super Expensive Mui Ne Accommodations

The Phu Hai Resort is located at Km.#8

This Miu Ne hotel has 44 Deluxe Rooms and 38 Luxurious Villas with private balconies or terraces, nice out-door bathrooms, and the architecture is a mix of Vietnamese cultural building traditions and touches of modern French architecture.

Phu Hai resort is nestled in a dense tropical jungle around a multi-tiered swimming pool with a waterfall, tennis court and full spa.

Get more information on the Phu Hai Resort.

The first resort to open in Mui Ne. It has large villas and 28 thatched-roof wooden bungalows, all with modern conveniences. The friendly staff and multiple bars and restaurants ensure everything you’ll need for a perfect getaway is right on site.

Get more information on the Coco Beach Resort


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