My Vietnam Work Permit Research

by hodg
(Ha Noi, Vietnam)

I just found your page after having done the research on what I need to apply for a work permit. My boss tells me an agency can get one for $600, but if you do it yourself, the fee is nominally 400,000 VND.

Granted, you and your employer need to supply the government with *at least* 10 separate documents. Ugh, whatever, I'll stick to leaving the country every 3 months.


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I learned a long time ago that a little research before jumping in can literally save your ass. I know it's a pain going through all the Vietnam Visa / Work Visa information on this site but it's really invaluable stuff when people are telling you "I know a guy who can get it for you for $600USD when you know the actual cost of getting the Work Permit / Vietnam visa can be as cheap as $80USD.

Yes, Hodg. I figure the actual fees are as little as $80USD. No one will tell you the truth because when it comes to money the Vietnamese are serious beyond normality and consider a foreigner in need of help as a target. They consider it fair game and are not shy about it.

You have done well. Just get out of the country every 3 months. It is also nice to get a away from the noise and pollution. You won't have to ask anyone for help and it will probably end up saving you money.

I have to warn you though that you will not possess the documentation for working legally in Vietnam. A friend of mine was expelled from the country for this. It is as rare as a rosy fart, but it does happen. Be careful and good luck to you.


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