Need Change in Life. Answer Here

by Daniel.Williams
(Albuquerque N.M-United States)

Willing to teach english-(have strong sppech/language skills;am looking to work for room/board-living allowance. Would prefer to work with/for Orphan's.

Have exstensive experience Children's/adolescent's mental health in United State's-(7yrs +).Want to help Vietnamese people.


Reply from

Hi. I know nothing about you so I will have to make some assumptions.

Please don't get offended if I make a wrong assumption.

I'll ignore what you have written in the body of your post. You would not get a response from any school in Vietnam unless they were looking to scam you.

Vietnamese do not (Or rarely) hire anyone without first meeting them in person.

The second reason to ignore it is because it is poorly written and you put very little effort into it.

That's a reflection of how you're feeling. You could just be bored and have lost any desire to put effort into anything.

If it is a resume then it is a self-destructive one. I sure wish you'd have sent me a real one. I might have been better able to help you.

I think I found everything I needed in the title of your post. It reads "Need Change in Life". You sure didn't spell any of that wrong and you also put it in full Capital letters!

That's a pretty big hint that I appreciate. I think you might just have lost your zeal and passion temporarily.

Moving to Vietnam to Teach English Will Indeed Change Your Life. I am not sure if it will re-kindle your passion but if it doesn't, not much will.

The Only Catch Is;

  • You Must Begin at the Beginning without
    Holding onto Your Past

  • You Will Lose Much in Material Possessions as Well as Personal Relationships

  • Things Can Never Go Back to the Way They Were

The good news is that your life will become a question mark. You will become a person without a road that leads in one definite direction and ends in one definite way.

It is only then that anyone can hop roads and change direction. It's the only time when your life is open and receptive to possibilities.

That is what travel can do. If you really want to change your life and give to the Vietnamese then just go there.

Everything in Vietnam is best done from within the country. That includes looking for work and renewing your Visa.

Just book a flight and book a room.

If it is volunteer work you want then I would recommend Cambodia over Vietnam. The Vietnamese government considers and treats most aid organizations like a personal insult, especially American Aid Organizations (Not sure why?).

There are thousands more NGO agencies in Cambodia compared to Vietnam. I got much more satisfaction from my volunteer work in Cambodia than I ever did in Vietnam.

I wish I knew more about you. That way I wouldn't waste your time by repeating what you already know.

You could be a man who has already been to Vietnam 10 times. You might also be a woman who has never walked further from her childhood home than the corner mailbox.

I just hope I could help. You seem like a good person who has done some good things for others. I wish you the best.


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