Stay in the Nha Trang Hotel of Value

Choose the Nha Trang hotel you're going to stay in carefully. The hotels Nha Trang offers can vary from beachfront to across town. It doesn't matter how much you may save because staying in a hotel across town is never worth it.

We'll have a look at the best mid-ranged hotels as well as the best Nha Trang budget accommodation available.

Unfortunately, you can't stay right on the beach in Nha Trang. It is part of thte backward thinking of the Vietnamese but the best you can do is a spot across the street.

I was hoping to find a bamboo hut on the beach in Nha Trang, like I found in Thailand and Cambodia, but there is no such thing. Some of the resorts have beaches but there are certasinly no budget Nha Trang Accommodations on the beach.

Reasonably Priced Nha Trang Resorts

The best thing about the Sunrise Beach resort is its location and the fact it has its own private beach. Both are important factors in the beach town of Nha Trang and this Nha Trang hotel has them both.

Sunrise Beach Hotel Nha Trang

There is also a hotel pool but it is small, often overcrowded with children and with few places to rest in the shade.

Of the hotels Nha Trang has, the Sunrise Beach Resort is a little out of town. This keeps you away from the hustle and bustle of downtown but taxis are cheap and it's only a couple of dollars for a one way trip to the main shops and restaurant / tourist area.

The rooms are nothing special but quite large with patios overlooking the pool or the beach. The Sunrise Beach Resort serves a nice, large breakfast in the morning that you should try.

The fees in this Nha Trang hotel are very high. Fees for all services and tour packages are almost ridiculous. Laundry services and any type of service should be sought outside the hotel.

Get more information about the Sunrise Beach Resort here.

The best thing about The Lights Hotel Nha Trang is the big, clean rooms and the views of the beach. It is located right downtown Nha Trang so very central to all the bars, restaurants and hot spots.

The Lights Hotel Nha Trang

The location can be a drawback as there always seems to be some major consruction going on and its always noisier the closer you get to the central part of town.

There is a nice swimming pool but it isn't actually in the hotel. It's just across the street and easy to get to but something you should know about if that is an issue.

The rooms are great but the toilets are typical Vietnamese and thus the placement of things in the shower just make no sense. If you are most concerned about finding a clean hotel near the center of town and the beach then this is a good option.

Get more information about The Lights Hotel here.

The Nha Trang Lodge is one of the better known Hotels Nha Trang has on offer. Best known for its great views, nice pool and old world charm.

Nha Trang Lodge

The rooms are decent (not too big) with big double beds, a stereo TV and AC. The small balcony offers great views and the complete bathroom is a nice place to take a pee.

The only complaints are about the service and the need for a fresh coat of paint on everything.

The food range is good at breakfast but the staff don't really have much of an understanding of customer service. That is a problem at all the hotels Nha Trang has so it is uniform.

A pretty good place if you are looking for a quieter place that is located well and serves a good breakfast.

Get more information about Nha Trang Lodge and any other Nha Trang hotel here.

Nha Trang Budget Accommodation

Probably the best Nha Trang budget accommodation available. The Backpackers House is in a great location, is very clean and is the best Nha Trang hotel to meet other backpackers.

Backpackers House Nha Trang

The Backpackers House was first opened in July of 2008 so everything is clean, new and in good shape. This is really a backpackers hotel as the attached bar runs pretty late into the night. It's a great place to socialize but can be noisy for those who want to sleep early.

there are private rooms with TVs and DVD players but there are also 2 dorm rooms where you can get a very cheap bed and meet alot of people as well. Just hope nobody in the dorm room snores!

The Backpackers House is not so secure as people often get things stolen. There are lockers under the beds to keep all your stuff locked up so make sure to use them.

Excellent location, near the beach and main bars. We recommend highly if you are looking for budget Nha Trang accommodation.

Get more information about the Backpackers House here.

The Golden Hotel Nha Trang is cheap, clean and very close to the beach, restaurants and bars. People book here for the location and the cheap price but then rave about the cleanliness of the rooms and the value for the money.

Golden Hotel Nha Trang

If you have your eye on a 2-3 star hotel Nha Trang then consider booking a room here first. The money you will save is large and the disparity between this place and a higher star hotel is minimal.

You can't find a better location than this Nha Trang hotel; The breakfast is good; Good internet and large clean rooms.

Get more information about the Golden Hotel Nha Trang here.


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