The Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park...

The Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park is not the largest of the 3 existing 9 Dragon Walls in China.

But it's the best because of it's superior craftsmanship and intricate design.

You'll find the Nine Dragon Wall in Beihai Park, Beijing.

The path that takes you to the 9 Dragon Wall is filled with incredible sights along the way.

You'll pass the Forbidden city to the gates of Beihai Park.

From there it's through the trails of Behai Park past the Circular City.

Then it's the White Dagoba and Hao Pu Creek (Haopujian) Garden, which is probably the best example of a Chinese Imperial garden anywhere in the world.

What Is The Nine Dragon Wall?

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The whole of Beihai Park was built purely for the enjoyment of the Emperors during their rule in the Forbidden City.

The Slaves, Artists and Visionaries originally built this nine dragon wall in 1756. When you look at it try and imagine that they did this work with very crude tools compared to those of today.

The wall is 20 meters (66.9 feet) long and 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) in height. But size doesn't really matter. Right?

424 separate ceramic tiles of Yellow, Blue, Purple and White have been carefully placed in images of nine huge dragons.

After more than 250 years the colors of the ceramic tiles remain brilliant.

The images of the nine dragons are three dimensional and in some places rise 1/2m off of the canvas.

Some people see the dragons swimming in a sea because of the mostly Aqua Blue background and the way the dragons are almost in a slither-swim type of pose.

Look closely at the intricate details of the sculpted heads and bodies of the Nine Dragons on the wall.

It's also just in a beautiful place where even the Emperor of china found as an acceptable place to pass a day.

Beijing can get hectic and overwhelming. The trip to the Nine Dragon wall takes you past some pretty amazing things but the serenity of Beihai Park really made the trip worthwhile.

You might even want to book a room near the Park once you've seen it. The area is about as central as it gets and a daily stroll through the Park can be an oasis from the bustle of Beijing.

A visit to Beihai Park is about the cheapest trip you can do in Beijing and pretty rewarding to boot. The mornings are always the best time to visit Beihai Park and the 9 Dragon Wall but there is no real bad time to visit either.

Take a drink and maybe a sandwich with you because you might spend more than a few hours on and about the road from the entrance gate in Beihai Park to the 9 Dragon wall.

Very cool and worth the stop. The nine Dragon Wall was just one great stop of many on the road through Behai Park from the Forbidden city.

If you can afford it then we do recommend trying the food at the Fangshan restaurant (located in Beihai Park). They serve dished of food created from authentic imperial recipes in the Emporers kitchen.

The views of Beihai Park from the restaurant are as good as they get.

Beihai Park and the 9 Dragon Wall are remnants of a time when the Emperors ruled China from behind the walls of the Forbidden city.

If you consider the Forbidden city and the pieces that make up its whole fascinating then you'll enjoy reading The Forbidden City (Wonders of the World)


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