Non Teaching Work Vietnam

by Andy

Non Teaching Work Vietnam


From what I have looked online about teach and working in Vietnam. English seem to be high paying compare to national average wage of $150US?

Is their jobs like IT, Travel/Tourism,...etc. other jobs or companies that pay a nice wage? Maybe a Australian or American company that pay their nationals to work abroad?

Hope there is some knowledge in this, as it will be great to move to Vietnam without wasting your degree or learning different skills and coming back to your country with a bit of savings.



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Hello, Andy. It is pretty easy as a Native English speaker with a University Degree and some experience to get $18USD - $20USD an hour in Vietnam.

If you want to find a high-paying job in Vietnam it would be best to secure a position in a country like Australia, Canada or America first. Then you would get the best of everything including a nice stipend or 'Hardship Pay' for having to work overseas in Vietnam.

Example. I got hired by Nortel to be a system analyst and then moved on to run the department responsible for writing the software and drivers that run the peripherals that Nortel Produced.

When they outsourced this task to a firm in Vietnam, I was offered the chance to go there. I was paid as if I was still living and working in Canada. My housing was paid for, moving expenses and pretty much every expense that was a part of moving over to Vietnam. Nothing came out of my pocket.

I was thus being compensated as if still living in Canada yet paying the living costs of a 3rd work country.

Because of this, the salary I got was immense and my saving account grew like mad. That's the way to really do it. I would first point you to the IT field and get you to learn all you can about the Jobs at Intel in Vietnam.

Or apply for something with RMIT in Melbourne and get yourself transferred to RMIT in Vietnam.

Hope that helps.

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