Where the Best Deals are on Ocheuteal Beach in Sihanoukville

Ocheuteal Beach is the only place with beach huts and other accommodation that's right on the sand.

It's the longest of the big four beaches in Sihanoukville and is lined with beach bars and Guesthouses right to the edge of the sand.

The beach is some 2km of sand that lines a gently curving bay.

During the day it's active and dotted with grass umbrellas and beach chairs out front of small seafood restaurants and bars.

Ocheuteal Beach

Some people sit in the shade and drink banana milkshakes while others worship the sun and tan their skin dark.

(Should be spelled Ochheuteal but so many people misspelled it when writing to me about it that I also misspell it. Sorry.)

The 3 Areas of Ocheuteal Beach

  • North (Serendipity Beach)

Yes, it has its own name. People call it Serendipity beach and there isn't a local or expat who doesn't know it by that name. But if you want to come off 'Cultured' then just refer to it as the cheapo to mid-range traveler end of the beach.

  • Central

People's definition of the center line may vary. For me it begins where the noise from the late-night parties at Serendipity Beach ends and quiet begins.

It's more mid-range pricing here for the hotels, restaurants and pubs. The beach is better for swimming than Serendipity Beach and it's far enough away from the usual late-night parties at the Northern most end of Serendipity Beach that you can sleep at night.

  • South

There is just some development project underway at the Southern half of Ocheuteal Beach. There is a lot of concrete being poured and everyone is supported by the vast array of Bamboo Scaffolding.

They wouldn't give me a beer or directions to the hidden havens of the area so I left and that's all I got for you. Sorry.

I arrived in Sihanoukville by bus. Most people come in the same way. If you do the same, you will meet a representatives from every Guesthouse in Sihanoukville.

They are pushy and can be unpleasant but you will never walk more than a 'few' steps before you can have accommodation secured for that night. It is the last thing you need to worry about.

I was mauled by a crowd of 'Salesmen' and then swooped up by the guys from Coaster's Bungalows.

Coaster's Bungalows is right on the sand of Serendipity Beach. I chose to stay here beforehand because they took my booking online and I wanted to test that out.

I had a private toilet and shower with fan and a mosquito net. Basic as it gets but the plumbing is old and the toilet stunk a few times (Maybe it was me). They've also got high-speed Internet with several computers about.

My room was $12USD a night but they also had rooms with air-con and sliding doors that went right out onto a protected area of the beach. $60USD a night for one of those.

Some say expensive at $12USD but you are very near Serendipity Beach yet just close enough to the middle of Ocheuteal Beach to get some quiet. Nice bar and restaurant on the beach also but food just average.

At night, most people migrate to the bars at 'Serendipity Beach', at the Northern end of Ocheuteal Beach, to dance the night away on the sand dance floor or sit amongst friends in the candle-lit corners of the relaxing bars and restaurants.

Some places like The Eden build bonfires in large stone pits on the beach out front of the bar. They do some incredible barbeques and the Seafood is always the way to go. It's so fresh you can tell it was caught that morning.

If you want to stay right in the Serendipity Beach area, then the best places to sleep seem to be well kept but noisy at night. They are Malibu Bungalows (Noisy at Night), Cloud 9's and Rega Guesthouse. I checked out a few rooms and all were around $8USD and up.

All of the accommodation in the Serendipity Beach area are very near night clubs. Some other well-known bungalows are the new Cove Bungalows overlooking the sea, Serenity and Eden Bar's. All have budget to mid-range rooms and beachfront bars.

You can also find a room for $4USD-$5USD a night but the ones I saw I wouldn't write about here. But they are there and I found most were being used for 1 Hour stints at a time.

The days were mostly passed it's a seafood eating, recovering from the beer the night before, floating in the cool waters day that passes. Little shack-style seafood restaurants and bars line almost the entire 2km of Ocheuteal Beach.

If you are really on a budget just head up the hill to Ekareach Street, away from the beach. You'll find the Golden Lion Traffic Circle (100M from the beach). There are some of the best places for value to stay around this area.

Everything Will Come to You

Someone from the Monkey Republic and Mick & Craig's Sanctuary Bar and Guesthouse will solicit you at the Bus station when you arrive. They are all in the same area just off Ocheuteal Beach and are all good places.

Here's a video so you can see the beach in this part of Sihanoukville. This video was taken during the high-season.


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