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by Ron

I got an email about working at an "international" school in Vietnam. I Skyped an interview with a nice V lady and I have "decided" to go if they actually offer me a contract.

It is a bit unnerving in that they want me to pursue $ a permit without a contract ...Generally speaking, was working in V a good experience? I worked 4 years in Southeast Asia 11 years ago and it was hard but a great experience.

Do teachers ever live on house boats or is that a Nat'l Geographic fantasy I have? Yes, someone read your...vlog.


Reply from

Someone read my vlog? Wow.

Sorry about the House boats. It's a fantasy but you can rent a 'House Boat' tied to the banks of the Mekong River either in Kantchanaburi in Thailand or in Vietnam just before the Cambodian border.

I have to yell out the next sentence, though.

Sorry, Ron.


There are 2 types of teachers in Vietnam. The ones that have been burned and know what they are doing and the ones who don't know what they are doing Because they haven't yet been burned.

I don't want to sound cynical because I want you to go. It will be the experience of your life. Have some faith and go get it on your own.

I worked in Saigon as an English teacher for about 3 years and then another 6 months in Hanoi. My room mate in Ho Chi Minh City signed a contract through a school on the internet.

They flew him over and met him at the airport and even escorted him to his own pre-booked apartment.

He paid 500$ a month, I paid 220$ to share the same place (I got the better room).

He worked at the same school as me. I was paid $17USD an hour and he was paid $10USD. He worked 40 hours a week and I worked 30 hours and still made more.

He worked the hours that the other teachers didn't want because he was bound.

It stayed that way for the duration of his 1 year contract. They made him pay full tax as well.

Go and do this, Ron. If you need to be picked up at the airport and given a room and have those things done for you, then sign online. That is a security blanket that we all love and need.

But you'll get the short end of the stick if you do.

Or grow some balls and head over there with a knapsack. You seem very bright and I've no doubt that you will get work.

You'll also get to see so much more of a very fascinating and safe city if you trust yourself and get a good work contract for yourself where you are in control, not them.

Don't worry about the work contract. Them asking you to get it on your own just means you don't need it to work there. You are taking the chance if caught working without a work permit, though.

Just do the first step (Which is easy) and tell them it is "in process". Nothing bad will come of it and you'll soon realize very few teachers have work permits. Perhaps 20%.

Live, Ron.

Peace and Good luck to everyone.

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