Otres Beach the Truth !

by Tom Jarvis
(Otres Beach)

Room for Two More

Room for Two More

Otres beach is accessible On foot and it takes around twenty minutes from Ochheuteal Beach along the ocean, or you can take a motorcycle (motodup).

By car and tuk tuk it's possible, but the route is longer.

Castaways beach bar is located approximately half way along the beach, between Ying Yang and Sunshine Cafe.

Book ahead using our reservation form and request a free pickup alternatively call ahead and speak to the proprietor Tom Jarvis.

If you're not staying overnight then it's best to leave before dark as there are no lights on the road (this could change very soon)

During low season Otres Beach is even quieter than the rest of Sihanouk ville and many places close up shop. This should change as Otres catches on so get it while you can.

With so few people, so much sand and the sprawling sea, this could be the deserted island you've been searching for and you don't even have to leave the mainland -- fancy that.



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(Update December 5th 2010. 70% of the guesthouses and restaurants along Otres Beach have been evicted. This is to make way for a Theme Park that Cambodia hopes will boost tourism to the area.)

Nice. Sounds great but I haven't yet seen Castaways yet and thus can't tell you much about it. I am in Phnom Penh so I'll head out soon enough to have a look.

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