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I am an Australian Born Vietnamese and was thinking of taking some time off to teach English in Vietnam.

I have a Bachelors in Software Engineering and looking at doing the TEFL course.

As you said about looking westernize, white skin or what so ever. Do you think my chances are lower because I am Vietnamese looking or advantage that I can speak Vietnamese as well as English?



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I can only say 2 things for certain. It will be more difficult for you to get work than a blond-haired, Blue-eyed man/woman born in a Western country.

To most Vietnamese, you are not Australian. You are Viet Kieu.

That's all I'm sure about. The Vietnamese teachers in Vietnam usually teach up to level 6 and then a 'Native speaker' takes the class over from there.

You will get work. I had a good friend that worked side-by-side with me and he was an American born Vietnamese who had graduated from the University of Florida with a Master Degree in English. He was qualified to teach at a university in America.

The other Viet Kieu I knew struggled more as the headmasters of the schools kept trying to knock them down by giving them fewer hours and lower pay rates that other 'Native Speakers'.

It seemed to me that many Vietnamese don't like Viet Kieu. Maybe it is just jealousy but they seem to get targeted for confrontation more often.

Don't worry. If you have finished your degree in Software Engineering you might be better off applying at RMIT Vietnam. They are trying hard to find and keep top Vietnamese teachers. RMIT is the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

It is the best school in Saigon with the best money and benefits. Heck, teach software Engineering in English. You
may end by heading up the program and then having an offer for work back at RMIT head office in Melbourn.

I worked at TMA Solutions, Vietnam

Workers there write most of the software and drivers that run peripherals for both Cisco and Intel. If you know what that means then you would probably land a job immediately. That is also experience towards your subject of choice through university.

Maybe leave the English teaching to the Blond-Haired, Blue-eyed surfers and get good work doing what you have spent so many years in school studying. The pay may be a little less but ... Picture a tiny room filled with 22 screaming kids jumping on your back and trying to bite you.

I always say too much. One more thing. I don't think I blame the Vietnamese students for demanding the blue eyed teacher over the Vietnamese. If I wanted to learn Vietnamese, I would also demand a Vietnamese national to teach me. Not a blue-eyed blonde-haired kid.

If I wanted to learn Japanese, dammit I'd better have a pure bred Japanese Girl. Yes, Girl.

Good luck to you. You will do very well in Vietnam. The hardest part is usually the uncertainty of leaving everything you know behind.

If you can do that, I doubt anyone in Vietnam can keep you from getting the work you want.


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