Private Lessons to Company Employees in Vietnam

by Walter Parris
(New York, NY USA)

What are the prospects of teaching business people / adults English or business English?

Are there programs that focus on that demographic? Do they pay better than schools for children?

Where can one find these types of programs?



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Hello, Walter. I didn't reply right away cause I lost you. My wrong and I apologize.

All private schools run business programs to adults. Stay out of the Public system if you can because you'll probably get saddled with a room full of disinterested kids.

You're asking about private lessons, though. You are asking about the cream of the crop jobs that everyone wants.

I worked for a private computer firm that had me teach its employees 3 hours of English everyday. 2 classes at 1.5hrs a class.

3-4 adult students that wanted to talk business in English. Nice job.

The secret is to stay away from both public and private schools and hit up the companies themselves.

I landed my first private business English teaching job at the HTP industrial Park in Vietnam.

My advice is to prepare a good CV with a color photo. Dress like Donald Trump and take a taxi to the HTP industrial Park in Ho Chi Minh city.

There are nearly 40 different firms all in one place. They have a guard at the front gate but just walk by and don't let him see your CVs

You could find a good job as long as you can sell yourself. I can't help you with that, though.

I can't give specific company names to you because I don't know anything about you. Nothing was included in your question to help me determine what you could qualify for.

The more details you give me the more precise an answer I could give you. I don't even know if you have any experience or a Degree.

Just hit the industrial parks and focus on each company by dropping off a resume at their company headquaters.

It really is a gold mine of opportunity up there. 40 companies with their head offices all within walking distance?

Good luck my friend,


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