Raimbow Hotel Saigon

by Jared
(Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)

I've been staying here a week now and for me it's worked out great. Single bed 10$/night no construction. I'll admit it is a quiet place no common area to meet other people staying here but the staff is friendly.

There is wifi and a computer downstairs. Room and bathroom are a good size and are cleaned daily. I can't say for the other rooms but if your travelling alone or sharing a single bed this place worked for me.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Great. I like the Rainbow Hotel despite the few complaints we get. Most of them are just about someone not being friendly enough. You're in Vietnam ... friendliness is not the normal state people are in. Unless you smile first.

Hope you have a great trip. Please come back and help me get the best information out there to other people headed that way. I and everyone else appreciate it.

Best of Luck,


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