Rainbow Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City

by Michael
(Ho Chi Minh City)

Advantages - Near Chinatown, shops and eating outlets. Cheap.

Negatives - stayed a night on 15/11/09. Switched room twice because the air-conditioning was faulty and blowing hot air. The 1st room also had low water pressure coming from the shower head.

The Rooms were 'dim'. The 3rd room's air-conditioning was also not cold but had to compromise.


Comment from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Thanks for the review, Michael. I'm sure other people reading your review will appreciate it as well.

I am not surprised that the people in the Rainbow Hotel have let the place slowly degrade. Everything worked fine the first time we had a look at it but I know that they have spent exactly $0USD on maintaining the plumbing, appliances and pretty much everything else.

I went and had a look in the rooms again about a month ago. Like you said, things are not all functioning like the day they opened. But I found the rooms were clean compared to some other Ho Chi Minh hotels I've seen.

We don't recommend the Rainbow Hotel because there are far better options like the Bich Duyen Hotel, which sits directly across the street from the Rainbow Hotel.

The Bich Duyen Hotel will cost you a few more dollars a night but it is one of our favorites.

You get what you pay for at the Rainbow hotel. I still think it is a decent place for people who want the absolute cheapest room within a quarter mile.

Have a good Trip, Michael.

P.S We hope you get a chance to write another hotel review while you are in Vietnam. Just scroll to the bottom of any page and write away. We'll find the right place for it.

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