Salary Expectation for English Teachers Vietnam

by James
(United Kingdom)


Great info on Vietnam, it has given me the courage to book my flight, head over and work my way around schools to land a job!

I was wondering, how much would I expect to averagely earn? I am 22 y.o white male, with a BA degree and 120 hr TEFL.

Thanks and keep up the good work!


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There are so many variables to this question. Even the way you dress, smile and walk can affect your salary expectations. Never mind the color of your skin.

I see that you are a 22 year old white male with a BA degree and a 120 Hr TEFL Certificate. The better your resume and the better your personal hygiene, the better your salary expectations should be.

Recent initial wage offerings (March, 2012) to English Teachers in Vietnam range between $14USD-$15USD an Hour. They will be very happy if you accept their first offer but you may lose their respect quickly afterwords.

You could negotiate a wage as high as $25USD an Hour. The quality of your Demonstration Class and length of Experience will also have a significant impact on what wage you can negotiate.

It is all for nothing if you're not given many teaching hours, though. A school might offer you $25USD an Hour but if they only offer 10 hours a week of work then it doesn't amount to much at the end of your pay period.

The ideal situation would be an offer of a schedule with a guaranteed 5-6 hours of teaching per day.

That is quite rare unless the school is desperate to open new classes and you wow them with your winning personality and sharp looks!

Some people will take the 10 hours a week. They are well aware that the most entertaining and well-prepared teacher will eventually win over as many hours as they can handle.

The most popular teachers always get the most hours.

I worked 25 hours a week with Saturday and Sunday off. I took home about $2,400USD a month. I am frugal but was able to live as I pleased in a nice house and bank $1,500USD a month.

I am just giving facts here. I did not intend to offend anyone who may be experiencing the prejudice in the typical workplace in Vietnam.

Hope this helped, James. Best of Luck.


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Sep 30, 2015
Amazing post
by: Murtaad

Teaching English on a high level is not easy task. So, we should pay handsome salary to the English Teacher because he deserve for it. In Asian English is the major subject in which so many students suffer. But every country try to cover up this gap to hire high payed salary to the English teacher.

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