Scammed by Prostitute Shanghai

by Khalid


I was scammed by a massage girl whom I contacted by internet before my arrival to Shanghai.

She was very pretty on the net and gave me her mobile No. to call her when I got to Shanghai. I mailed her two times before my trip and asked her to send more different photos of her, but she didn't.

One night, when I had arrived in Shanghai, I thought I will call her and invite her to do me the massage. I called her and she answered me and said I am the guy who just arrived to Shanghai, can you come to me. She said yes what's your hotel name, your room? And what is your name?

I told her everything. 15 min later I called again asking where she is. She said just give me 10 min. I said OK. I just hanged up the phone, I hear my door knocks. I open I see a girl that is completely different and very ugly Chinese.

I asked her "who are you"? She says I am Anni. "The girl in the internet who was just talking to me a minute ago on the phone. I said you're not Anni. She said yes I am but the photo in the net is old. I am changed now. I said no way.

Any way I couldn't kick her out, coz she was already in. She was persisting "I will make you feel good" Isn't that what you want? I said to myself what the heck. Let's get this over. How much do you want? For full body massage? She said ¥250RMB if you need happy ending then you will pay another ¥150RMB. Any way I took off my clothes and lay on the bed.

She ended the happy ending with her naked on top of me for $200USD. What a Scam...Now I never want any massage. They are all scams.

I was refusing to pay but she was yelling at me. I got afraid. I am in a 5 star hotel. What a shame. I gave her what she wants to get out of my room.

Once she was out I called the mobile number from before and the real Anni answered. I don't know either if she is the real Anni I saw on the internet or not. I was scammed real good.

That's a tax I think every foreigner must pay in China.


Comment from

Wow. That was quite the read. You are very honest and forward but it makes for entertaining reading and serious advice to anyone who falls for the "Girl to Show you Around Town" "Chinese Speaking secretary available. Massages included."

I Know, they are everywhere and girls seem to be the best scam artist in all of China. With the boys you can see it coming and they don't care. The girls seem so sweet and honest and it is our nature to put our trust in the female.

Read about the scam I went through on my very first day in Shanghai on our China Scams page.

I have been to most countries in Asia. China is even worse than Nigeria for scams once you are within the country. Sure, along the internet there are no worse thugs than those from Nigeria and their online scams but the worldwide champions of the 'face to face' scams are the Chinese.

I thought I'd seen it all. Until Shanghai. Nanjing Road is by far the worst.

If someone approaches you, they only want money and you should keep walking.

If someone waves you into or takes you to a place they recommend, there are often large men waiting inside to charge you $20USD for a massage. But there are no Masseuses so you wait for 30 minutes. They offer you water or tea. Then you decide to leave. The bill will read $150USD for 30 minutes of room rental, $18USD for water or tea.

5 big men will surround you with hard clubs and try and intimidate you into paying. Most people do.

The truth is that if you push your way out slowly and make no threatening gestures, they will let you go for fear of police. The police will not act if you paid the bill but they will act if you are bloodied and beaten. So they often won't risk beating you.

Nice, Huh?

But to trust a hooker online in Shanghai and then letting her into your room is just nuts, mate. You are lucky it only cost you $200USD. Then again, I can't believe anyone would pay that much for any woman. Well, maybe a night with Jennifer Aniston!

Take care of yourself,


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Feb 17, 2020
Stay Strong in Battle with Chinese Sex Scams
by: Anonymous

I had a similar situation once in a 5star hotel in Shanghai. Called for a beautiful girl and ugly 40 year old woman arrives and walks into my hotel room...
She refuses to leave and demands payment, but I refuse. Then she starts that her boss will hurt her if she doesn't come back with money and begs me to pay her. again I refuse.
After this I forcibly remove her. Grab her by her arm and push her out... After this she left..
You need to remember that 5 star hotels don't want shit like this, you don't need to be afraid...
You could also call the reception and ask them to remove a woman. 5 star hotels don't want any problems related to hookers and they gladly remove the woman without any issue...

Sep 07, 2019
Old and Cynical
by: Mark

Jesus! you guys. Maybe I am just too old and cynical but every one of these schemes screams "trouble" from the start! I will be in Shanghai for the first time in two weeks. Sounds like it will be a good test of my travel savvy and judgement!


Reply from Travel-budget-asia

The Chinese are the most heinous scammers in the world. They will do things to you that you never thought a thinking human being would ever do. That's why you often don't see it coming. Have you ever walked into a fake restaurant, only to be handed a bill for food you never ate. Because they have no food, just a mirage....Yup. Then the 2 huge security guards will come out to intimidate you. "But I got no food", you might say. They will look you right in the eyes and say, "Yes, you did. Now you pay!" Good luck.

Mar 22, 2019
We are many
by: Anonymous

Jesus what an opening. First time abroad? Lived in Shanghai for years and starting from the second day after moving in learnt how, what, when and where to do the tricks. Without these stupid pre-calls, just walking down the streets and talking to westerns with experience..

Dec 05, 2017
Pimps Outside Hotels in Shanghai
by: Anonymous

The comments are correct. The modus is very good and any men would fall for it. Normally the agents or pimps are girls they will approach you the moment you are out of hotel room.

They give you there visiting card and also show pictures of attractive girls. Once you agree then they will tell you that you have to visit their shop and select the girl.

They then demand that payment be made only by credit card.

The pimps would bargain for 200 to 300 rmb and once you agree they will take you in a taxi to some place and then show you the girls.

Normally, a lady welcomes you and takes the agreed money. Once you choose a girl, the rest will leave you alone to get a massage and a happy ending, of course. Basically, it is a sex racket and once it is over, the girl would leave the room abruptly.

Then, 2 guys will enter the room as you are vulnerable and either still relaxing or getting changed (Get out fast once you're done!). They come in and explain that they have to manage the police and the room rent etc. They will ask for money. Surprise!

They will try to force you to empty your pockets. If they get your credit card then they will swipe it into a machine and demand that you enter your PIN and if you try to fake your PIN, you will be beaten.

Mar 26, 2017
Scammed in shanghai
by: Anonymous

Man just got scammed in shanghai..

Lady picked me up speaking decent english.. and brought me into a room , brought lineup of ladies in.. and when I went to leave.. goons show up.. attempt to get 50,000RMB from me.. seriously how the fuck do I have that in me.. spare change? Then max out my credit cards.. seriously.. $5,000 but fortuantely didn't work.. and only got $500 (3,000RMB) from me. Seriously don't do anything in China don't even think about it. Enjoy the country and have fun but stick to known mongering places. Took me a very uncomfortable 1.5hr to get out of the place without getting the crapped beat out of me.

Aug 24, 2013
Got scam big time last night 8/23/2013
by: Anonymous

I was really drunk after my trip from M2 (Hong Kong Plaza) at 3am in the morning. Approached by this local guy asking if I need a massage /extra at their club.. initially this will cost me Yen 150 or Yen250 if I am taking the extra. Without thinking wisely I said yes and we went to a small place so call ' a club 'and they drive me to a small kind like KTV room and asking me to pick up the gals. Done with that I paid the money + 'lady manager' which cost me another Yen300.. that's ok since they need someone to manages the gals right .. so after completing the session then the lady manager and the gal disappeared without noticed and the best part began ... 1 bonzer + 1 club manager came into the room and talked seriously that I need to pay for the club services .. what ??? I was so shocked as this never been told by the local guy that I met at M2 ..things is getting worst to me ..ohh GOD .. this surely my punishment after all ... I told the club manager ok ok .. lets settle down everything and he told me that I have to pay Yen 18,000 .. I repeat Yuen 18,000 .. my god who the hell will bring all the cash in the pocket and said I have no money and this is never been told to me. He replied me why don't you ask for the 'menu' in the fist place .....I was like triple shocked and wanted to be out freely and pray that GOD give me some mercy on me .... He then ask me to empty my pocket looking for my credit card and cash and I was luck at that night that I only bring my Yen700 and debit card .. this manager picked it up the debit card and try to do the max transition tru online and I was lucky that the transition went failed at 3.30am .. lucky me that my bank was offline between 12.01am to 5am in my country and after 40minutes they let me go since I have nothing to offer them .. my advise to all don't do bad things in foreign country since you know shit of anything there just do what are u suppose to do in the foreign country

Jul 26, 2010
Thanks for The Shanghai Prostitute Tips
by: Anonymous

Thanks to share, I almost got her in my room, Thanks again.


Reply from

There are so many men that are overwhelmed with offers for a good massage. It is never a good idea to give them access to your room or anywhere that you cannot control the situation.

They take ripping off lonely traveling men very seriously. This guy was lucky enough to get out of his problem.

Many of the most advertised prostitutes in Shanghai offer you their mobile number and a "Call me if you need a massage". Most are listed online (They even try to offer their mobile numbers on this website) and most are surprisingly ugly, after your valuables and a bad idea.

If you have to use these services it is better that you ask a Chinese friend and he will tell you where to go.

Stay out of trouble, everyone. Keep the prostitutes that advertise out of your room where they can hurt you.

Best if you just avoid them altogether. Even the guys on Nanjing Road will try and call you into a place. Keep walking because they don't have what you are looking for.

See our Scams in Shanghai page for some of the top scams you'll run into on your trip.


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