scammed by working vietnamese Girl in Judy`s

by Pjotr

I was in Judy`s Tongren road, very nice Ladys there, but i got scammed from an nice girl who played the poor girl who need the money and get cheated from here husband.

(Name Removed) play all these things really good, but the truth is she had a husband and working to support her Dao family.

I only can tell you guys take care of your money and don't do the same mistake like me.

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Feb 14, 2018
Working Girls (妓女) in Shanghai
by: Philip

I feel for you. But your story is the oldest in the book and no matter how much I warn people, they just don't listen.

If any girl in Shanghai shows you affection, in ANY location, she expects to be paid. The "Good" girls will NEVER overtly show affection in any way towards a man, especially a non-Chinese.

The "Dream" night for girls that show you affection is to get all your money and do NOTHING for it.

This is how they earn a living and pay their families' gambling debts. These girls are expected to work as a prostitute if they cannot attract a man of money to marry.

I am not making excuses for these women because I have met and know some beautiful women that could easily earn 100x the money in prostitution but choose instead to work minimum wage jobs instead of Prostitution.

But they do hope to attract a quality husband one day.

Decide what you want and stick to the rules. If you just want physical company then pay a good agency and arrange a "Visit".

Don't break that rule.

If you want a good girl then you must slowly show your interest and pay for everything. Learn the language, then spend the rest of your life proving yourself to her parents, which you'll do if you earn good money.

And NEVER take her out of her country for anything but a holiday. Break that last rule at your own peril.

These are guidelines and there are always exceptions to the rule. But it is illegal for Chinese women to marry Non-Chinese men.

And yet I'll probably be the one labeled a racist here.

"The Supreme People’s Court of China (on Wednesday) passed legislation that will ban Chinese women from marrying non-Chinese men, with the law coming into effect at the beginning of 2018," says an article in the East Asia Tribune. "The policy had been fiercely debated for a number of months before it finally won approval from the required number of legislators earlier (Wednesday.) Civil rights groups in China have condemned the restriction, pointing out that it discriminates against women by still permitting males to enter into interracial marriages."


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