Scarlet Blue Restaurant & Disco Beijing

by Chris
(Beijing, China)

Scarlet Blue Restaurant & Disco

Scarlet Blue Restaurant & Disco

Scarlet Blue is a huge Clubhouse in Solana with 4 areas. A lounge on the 1st floor, a terrace outside by the lake, a night club on the 2nd floor and a VIP section (KTV Style) on the 3rd floor.

Scarlet Blue has no cover-charge and is always packed with beautiful & nice people. Inside you'll mostly find people in a smart & casual clothes drinking by the bar or dancing to the latest Pop chart hits played by the Live Band.

Some relax outside on the huge terrace with a Beautiful view of the Lake, a couple of drinks and some good company.

You can surely enjoy this new spot on the Beijing Nightlife circuit.


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The Scarlet Blue Restaurant & Disco Beijing is somehow related to the Blue Marlin restaurant chain of Suzhou, Nanjing and Shanghai.

It is a German-owned restaurant and bar that offers a mixture of Western style cuisines and Asian dishes.

I went not too long ago and remember the food and coffee as being good and fairly priced. It was a slow affair getting our food but it all came at the same time. It is not a place to go for a quick bite out but rather a nice long evening out with a special other.

The 4 areas are all completely different (Lounge area, Karaoke (KTV) area, Disco and Terrace). The entire place seems
to transform at about 10pm into a lively type of Bar / Lounge. I like the Scarlet Blue because it has a place on the Beijing Nightlife circuit.

It's a good place to see the view from the terrace. It is a well-dressed affair after 10pm but not much more than a short stop on the Beijing Nightlife scene.

The Scarlet Blue Restaurant & Disco often have a band playing on the weekends, prices are fair and there are many well-dressed Chinese ladies and Men that come and go fairly regularly in the evenings.

I just could never stop the feeling that I was in the lobby of a hotel.

If you walk by the Scarlet while out enjoying the Beijing Nightlife then it is worth at least one drink.

It ranks 3 drinks out of 5 on our Budget Travel Beijing Nightlife Counter.

If anyone would like to become our Beijing Nightlife Correspondent please let us know here.


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