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I come across your site and it is very informative. I was wondering if there are demands to teach other subjects like science and business management beside English in schools in Vietnam?

I have a science and a business degree, do you think there is a demand in HCMC school if I want to in Vietnam? Or is English the best subject to teach?



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You will need to target the International Universities in Vietnam rather than the language schools. Most of the public universities teach these diciplines in the Vietnamese language. Very few traditional Universities teach these disciplines in the English language.

There are not many International Universities in Vietnam but there are more than a few. The demand for teachers of science and business is not large and therefore much more difficult to find and they usually pay far less money.

Most of the International universities would require a Master's Degree in the dicipline you are teaching. RMIT is my favorite example of an International University in Vietnam.

RMIT Vietnam operates three semesters of 15 weeks per year. The university seeks well qualified (at least a Master level qualification) and experienced lecturers each semester commencing around mid-February, mid-June, and mid-October of each year.

If you can qualify for work there then you have done well for yourself and should make their campus your first destination with resume in hand.


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May 10, 2012
RE: Science or Business Teaching in Vietnam
by: Mark

Thanks Philip. Unfortunately, I can't speak Vietnamese and have no CELTA or TEFL certifications. But I have degree from BS to MBA.

My plan is to teach English on the side while looking for jobs with companies.


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