Scuba Diving Sihanoukville

by Eric

Is there any good Scuba Diving to be done in Sihanoukville?

We have gotten some mixed signals. Some tell us it's the best ever then others say it's worth a miss.

What do you think?


Answer from

There is some great diving close to the Mainland, but for those who want to stay a little longer and venture a little further, there are world class dive sites such as Condor Reef and Poulo Wai waiting to be explored.

So there is both mediocre and superb Scuba Diving in Sihanoukville. It will cost you more for the longer trip out to Condor Reef but well worth it.

The diving season is from late October to May/June and the visibility typically ranges from 10M-25Meters and even up to 30+M.

Good luck and remember to breathe!

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