The Complete List of Foreign Shanghai Consulates

There are Shanghai Consulates for for every foreign Government located in Shanghai, China.

You never know when you get a stolen passport or need some assistance when in Shanghai, China.

Below is a list of every country and the location and contact address in Shanghai.





The US Consulate in Shanghai.

No. 1469, Huaihai Mid-Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 021-64336880

Consulate General of the Republic of Austria in Shanghai.

3A, Qihua Building No. 1375, Huaihai Mid-Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 021-64740278

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Belgium in Shanghai.

Room 301, No. 1376, Nanjing West Road.

Ph: 021-62797650

Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai.

Room 668, Floor 6, Shanghai Commercial Building No. 1376, Nanjing West Road.

Ph: 021-62798400

Consulate General of the Republic of France in Shanghai.

21A, 23B, Qihua Building, No. 1375, Huaihai Mid-Road.

Ph: 021-64377414

Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai.

No. 181, Yongfu Road, Shanghai

Ph: 021-64336953

(Fax: 021-64714448)

Consulate General of the Republic of Italy in Shanghai.

Floor 12, Qihua Building, Huaihai Mid-Road, Shanghai

Ph: 021-64716980

(Fax: 021-64716977)

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai.

Floor 4, The Eastern Building of Sun Square, No. 88, Xianxia Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 021-62099076

(Fax: 021-64716343)

Consulate General of the Kingdom of Sweden in Shanghai.

27 N6B, Qihua Building, No. 1375, Huaihai Mid-Road.

Ph: 021-64743533

Consulate General of the Swiss Confederation in Shanghai.

Room 302, the Western Building of Sun Square, Xianxia Road, Shanghai

Ph: 021-62700519

(Fax: 021-62700522)

Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai.

No. 8, Wanshan Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 021-62780788

(Fax: 021-62788988)

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai.

Floor 4, International Trade Center, No. 2200, Yanan West Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 021-62196420

(Fax: 021-62196918)

Consulate General of the Republic of India in Shanghai.

Floor 10, International Trade Center, No. 2200, Yanan West Road, Shanghai.

Ph: 62758885

(Fax: 021-62758881)

Consulate General of New Zealand in Shanghai.

Floor 15, Qihua Building, No. 1375, Huaihai Mid-Road. Shanghai.

Ph: 021-64711127

(Fax: 021-64310226)

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Shanghai.

No. 20, Huangpu Road, Shanghai

Ph: 021-63242682

(Fax: 021-63069982)

Consulate General of the Republic of Singapore in Shanghai.

No. 400, Urumqi Mid-Road. Shanghai

Ph: 021-64370776

Fax: 021-64334150)


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