the Shanghai Subway will Get There on Time

The Shanghai subway is by far the best way to get around the horrendous traffic that haunts Shanghai.

The Shanghai Metro (As it is sometimes referred) is faster, cheaper, and more comfortable than any other Travel option.

On my very first day in shanghai, I walked past a man in a bright red Ferrari who was stuck in traffic near The People's Square in Shanghai.

I didn't know we were both headed in the same direction until I saw him later on,

On the other side of town.

His car was beautiful and he had worked hard for it. But even the GPS mobile tracking system that guided him down the least crowded routes could not help.

He still got there an hour after me, albeit with 2 beautiful ladies inside.

That I've never had.

The subway is a much faster way of navigating the streets of Shanghai, regardless of the fake affection it bought him.

There is always a drawback, though. There is constant war  raging in the underground tunnels of the Shanghai Subway.

The prize is personal space and there is no giving way, no mercy and no avoiding it. 

Not with 3.09 million people riding the Shanghai Subway each day.

But War rages during Peak Hours only, so it is possible to lessen the pain.

Check out the video below for a look at the Shanghai Subway at an ordinary time of the day.

The only video you could do during the peak rush-hour is an aerial one. There are just too many people packed together.

We'll show you how to avoid the Rush-Hour or help you find it if you want. Just remember that the video doesn't offer an odor sample!

The Shanghai Subway's Peak Hours are:

Monday to Friday:
5am - 9am then again from 4pm - 7pm


Always bad with the exception of Sunday evening.

If you have to use the Shanghai Subway during the Peak Hours then prepare for War and never expect anyone to give way.

Getting off the train at the station of your choice will be your most challenging task.

People become sardines. You won't have space to lift your arm to scratch your nose and you will not be able to identify those who have not chosen to practice bathing.

Most important, leave yourself time to push past those prepared to enter the train before allowing you to exit. You are at war and if you are not prepared to out-will those entering the train, you will never exit.

That's when you'll see them. They are the worst part of the Shanghai Subway. They will use all phisical force to bloc your exit in order to facilitate their entry.

You must be prepared to match or better their will

Sardines want on the train and if you get in their way, they'll physically force you to the back of the train.

The first time it happens, you'll be taken by the brutality. No polite protest or verbal fuss will change the situation.

Sardine Commuters on the Shanghai subway will only move out of the way if physically pushed or threatened.

The next time you intend to get off your train, you'll be more prepared, or you will succumb to Shell-Shock and PTSD. There is power in these states. Use it and push until your opponents give in.

You may never experience this 'war' during your Shanghai travel. Sometimes the Shanghai Subway is relatively empty and the journey easy.

But if you take the train to your place of wor, as I did, you can't avoid it.

Despite it, there is no better way to travel Shanghai than via the Shanghai Subway.

Try smiling, as you crush them. It often weakens your opponents resolve.

Shanghai Subway Lines and Where They Lead

The Shanghai Subway system includes both the underground subway and the elevated light railway lines.

There were 8 Metro lines, 162 stations and 228km of tracks.

Click on the map below for a big photo of all the Shanghai Subway lines and the names of each stop.

Then seek a newer map once in Shanghai. They are building new lines at such a rate that I gave up posting a new one each 11 hours.

Click for full PDF Map

The only Stations You'll really Need to Know

Save on your hotel -

Shanghai Subway Line 1

  • Fujin Road - Xinzhuang

The Xujiahui station is a stop on line 1. It's the commercial center of Shanghai and might very well be the place for shoppers seeking paradise.

There are 6 large shopping malls and eight large office towers within a three-minute walk of one of the station's fourteen exits.

Make sure to read the signs before choosing your exit.

The small blue signs at the beginning of each exit tunnel tells you where that exit will take you.

Shanghai Subway Line 2

  • Songhong Road - Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park

Get to the Bund by getting off Line 2 at the Nanjing Road (East) Station.

Line 2 is also the most important line for anyone going to the Pudong area in Shanghai.

Lujiazui station is situated in the heart of Lujiazui financial district, the developing financial center of Shanghai.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum station is on Line 2.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is also within walking distance of the station

Also the Jin Mao Tower, which is the tallest building in Mainland China.

There are many things to see along Line #2. Compared to Xujiahui Station and the People's Square Station along Line 1, Lujiazui is not particularly busy during off-peak hours or at weekends.

From Monday to Friday, Line 2 is used primarily by commuters heading to the Pudong District for work.

Shanghai Subway Line 3

  • North Jiangyang Road - Shanghai South Railway Station

The Shanghai railway station is a useful place to know about. It's the major transportation hub in Shanghai.

The Railway Line, Subway Lines #1, #2, #3, and #4 as well as many Public Buses and even Inter provincial Buses meet or converge here at regular coordinated intervals.

Shanghai Subway Line 4 (Ring Line)

Begins at Yishan Road.

Of note is Shiji Avenue Station because it is the largest Subway interchange station in the entire system.

Line 2 , Line 4 , and Line 6 all converge here.

Shanghai Subway Line 5

Xinzhuang - Minhang Development Zone

Shanghai Subway Line 6

Gangcheng Road - South Lingyan Road

Shanghai Subway Line 8

Shiguang Road - Yaohua Road

Shanghai Subway Line 9

Songjiang Xincheng - Guilin Road

  • Line 9 connects to Yishan Road on Line 3.

Getting Lost on the Shanghai Subway

If I'm on holiday in a new city and have no pressing needs or plans, I like getting lost in the subway system.

Most People usually go wrong by getting on the Southbound train instead of the Northbound train, the one on the opposite side of the same platform.

Once you descend onto your platform, don't be rushed into getting on the first train you see.

Once you get onto the platform, look up at the Plasma screens overhead. They show passengers when the next two trains are coming, where they are going and what the next stop is.

If you miss your train, expect another to come along in about 4 minutes.

  • Shanghai Indoor Stadium Station

An Interchange Station connecting with Line 1 and Line 4.

  • People's Square Station

An Interchange Station connecting with Line 1, Line 2 and Line 8.

  • Shanghai Railway Station

An Interchange Station connecting with Line 3 and Line 4.

  • Zhongshan Park Station

An Interchange Station connecting with Line 2, Line 3 and Line 4.

  • Shiji Avenue Station

An Interchange Station connecting Line 2, Line 4 and Line 6.

This video will give you a look at the major rush of people common to the Shanghai subway.


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