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Your Shanghai travel or Shanghai (Shang Hai) Tourism itinerary should include a visit to the Bund, a Shanghai Museum and one good Shanghai Shopping excursion.

The Lobby of most (Even Budget) hotels will have lots of maps and bus schedules. Grab a good Shanghai Map, directions to the most important places and a bus and Subway schedule.

Unless you are staying in a 'Low on Stock' Shanghai budget Hotel. If so, just hit the lobby of one of the hundreds of other 5 star establishments around you and raid their Information Section.

But if you read a little of what we have here about Shanghai, cn then you won't need anything else. You can always print and take with you any of our pages.

Just come back and Write About Your Trip. It means a lot to everyone else who will read this because it's someones else s' opinion and that adds quality for the next person who comes here looking for help and advice.

Always feel Free to Ask Us a Question Also.

Shanghai (Shang Hai) is an incredible city.

It is lined with delicious food, fascinating cultural sites and a huge population of people filled with hope.

I loved this city despite the fact that it was one of the most expensive cities I have visited in Asia.

With any Shanghai Travel you may find it a tad overcrowded!

The newest buildings are massive skyscrapers packed into the city like steel monstrosities.

They are impressive in scale but it's the old parts of Shanghai that hold the true history of this city.

Much of it has gone underground, shoved aside by 'progress'.

Luckily, new construction isn't allowed to encroach upon historical buildings or places in Shang Hai. But the huge buildings have essentially crowded out much of old Shanghai, which now sets up shop in what looks like back alleyways but were once vibrant main streets.

Where once the brightest red light on the block brought customers to the soup shops and silk vendors, those same shops are reduced to hiring 'Hustlers' to hang around the main roads and entice tourists into the back alleyway where the shops are.

Be careful before you follow. Take a lesson on the current, most popular tourist scams in Shanghai so you can see them coming and get out of there.

A man wrote a story on this page about getting scammed by a prostitute in Shanghai. It's a story about internet romance followed by Profile Photo betrayal (When someone puts a picture up of some Supermodel instead of themselves because they are too ugly).

I hope the story inspires you to Write Your Own Story. We'd love to hear anything about your past or future Shanghai travel experiences but we truly love to get advice or information that might help other tourists.

You'd be helping people out that may be just now making their own Shanghai travel plans.

If you are just making your Shanghai CN travel plans then have a read of what others have already written about the Shanghai Tourism trail. You may find the answers to your questions as well as some good advice there.

Back to Shanghai.

It's not uncommon to find an Armani Shop on the main road with a steaming soup kitchen and pirated CD vendors in the alleyways behind.

The noodle / soup kitchens are filled with cheap and delicious food but be careful of the salt in the glass jar on every table.

It isn't salt at all but purified MSG. This is a chemical that was long ago banned in most countries. The Chinese soak it up like a delicacy or Heinz Ketchup in America.

It has been proven to cause certain forms of Cancer.

Then there are the fascinating sites to see, such as Ji'ang Temple, Nanjing Road (The Shanghai Shopping Hotspot) and the Infamous Shanghai Bund.

I loved Shanghai but I had a hard time finding any good information on Things to See, Cheap, yet quality Places to Stay, areas and restaurants in Shanghai to eat and well ... just about everything else.

I didn't want to make any Shanghai travel plans without some idea of what I was getting myself into.

So I bought a copy of the Lonely Planet Best of Shanghai

I think almost everyone in the world had the same idea. It seemed that thousands of us all made the same Shanghai travel plans at exactly the same time.

I know this because I often stood with them in the same long line-ups to get into the same expensive hotels and eat at the same expensive restaurants.

Even the Shanghai Travel Guidebooks have a large stake in promoting $50USD a night rooms when there are many other rooms available that are just as good, far cheaper and better located.

Here are many of the Best Deals on Budget Hotels and Guesthouses in all of Shanghai.

And We've looked everywhere for the best deals.

If YOU know of a solid, clean and 'High Return on the Dollar' type of guesthouse or hotel in Shanghai please let us and other visitors to this site know about it by using the contact us form.

We'll go check the place out ourselves so Please ... no spam advertising .... They'll just get deleted anyway and it wastes the time of a lot of really good, caring people.

Can you find The Bund in the Photo?

Shanghai City Panorama

How to Get to the Shanghai City Center from Pudong International Airport

It was the middle of the night when I arrived at Pudong International airport. If you land in the evening after 10pm then you'll be through immigration and out into the cold dark evening air of Shanghai in under 20 minutes.

The mornings or afternoons are the busiest times at Pudong Airport. You should expect processing through immigration to take at least 40 minutes before you can get out through those Exit doors and into the Shanghai air.

Unless you are a terrorist, known Government spy or crazy enough to go there without first getting your visa papers in order.

They will usually make sure that you have the correct visas when you purchase your flight ticket and then again when you check in at the international airport where you are departing from. But crazy things seem to happen on occasion so make sure to check the dates on the visa.

You cannot arrive before your visas permitted arrival date. You'll have to state your arrival date when you get your visa from the Chinese Embassy. They will stamp that date on your visa so check it and don't arrive before that date.

Exiting The Pudong International Airport

Eventually, no matter how you go about it, you'll end up leaving the Pudong airport through the same large sliding exit doors as all arriving passengers on International flights.

You'll find many taxi cabs parked up against the wide concrete sidewalk, waiting to charge you an outrageous price.

The fare is actually regulated by the government so the charge per Kilometer is reasonable. It's just that the distance is so great from Pudong airport to the Shanghai city center that prices just seem steep.

Don't forget about the Maglev Train and its 430KPH top speed! You can learn about it and every other means of getting from the Pudong Airport to the city center of Shanghai CN.

Because I'd arrived so late at night (2AM) and I was too stupid to book the Airport Shuttle Service in advance, I took a cab and lost most of my shirt.

Taking a taxi cab is slower and more expensive than the Private Shuttle Service and tons more expensive than the Maglev Train.

Unfortunately, the Maglev train stops service at 10pm. Live and learn.

Headed to My Hotel

I directed the taxi driver to the address of a hostel I had found in my 'Budget' Shanghai Travel Guidebook. It's was called the Captain Hostel and seemed very nice with good write ups in that budget Shanghai Travel book.

I was informed of the real prices of rooms when I got there. The Guidebook had said prices were reasonable.

$60USD for a single room per night! or $18USD a night to sleep on a bunk-bed in a dorm room with 12 snoring men and their hacking lungs and flatulence filled bowels.

I felt like a monkey being tested. They wanted to see my reaction when they took my banana away. They knew it was too late at night for me to find another hotel.

I think they were also quite proud of their ability to ask such a ridiculous price. They had been written up in a famous Budget Shanghai Travel Guide, after all.

I was shocked. This is a Budget Hotel? Only then did I realize how expensive accommodation in Shanghai was going to be and how difficult to find at 2am.

Shanghai travel at its best!

Without A Room for The Night

I actually ran out of that Hostel. I was angry but remembered seeing another hostel along the road on the way in. I wanted to get there as soon as I could.

It was a heck of a long way. I soon gave up on making it to the other hotel and relaxed into a slow walk, accepting that I'd probably be up all night walking the streets of Shanghai after a 15 hour flight.

I'll never forget that night, strolling the empty streets of Shanghai with odd passers-by riding old fashioned bicycles and singing in Chinese now that their bellies were rich and full of the rice wine they had drunk.

I decided to start this website during that long walk. I was just so miffed and yet in love with the feeling of being lost and alone in a strange place.

People still laugh at me today. They say I put too much work into a website that counts Expedia, Travelocity and Yahoo Travel among its competitors.

It is true that I cannot compete with travelocity and Expedias on the web because they have so many thousands of pages and dollars galore to throw at it.

But those 'Huge' web sites offer little information about any of the destinations except a box to fill in your credit card details.

But a lot of people are now finding this website mainly because of the web company called Site Build It! that I found and used to build this site.

I still don't know how to build a website. But I'm getting very good at clicking the 'Upload' Button.

Where to Stay in Shanghai

I kept walking toward where I'd seen the other hostel on the taxi ride in. It was a hell of a long walk but got a lot of Shanghai travel done on that first night. My bag was heavy and everyone I met along the way wanted to have a borrow out of my wallet.

I finally made it to the Mingtown Hiker Youth Hostel. It was a great little place with dorm beds at $7USD a night and single rooms for $15USD a night.

There is wireless internet access in the rooms and it's just a 5 minute walk to The Bund on the Yangtze River, which overlooks the Oriental Pearl Tower and is a must see on any Shanghai travel excursion.

I wanted to be as close to The Bund during my Shanghai travel adventure as I could. There are many other areas in Shanghai but The Bund really is at the heart of it all.

The Bund is the best place to see a Shanghai Museum or do some Shanghai shopping along Nanjing road.

Also, the Bund is well dotted with access stations to the Subway system, which will get you anywhere in the city.

Have a look at the map below. Good Fodder for Shanghai Travel plans. Even better is this highly detailed Shanghai Map.

Shanghai Map

If you click the link to the detailed map, you can even see where the bars and pubs are and even the Shanghai museums and well...everything. Shanghai travel at its easiest!

You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open and see this detailed map of Shanghai Travel hotspots and directions to get there.

This is where you can download the free Adobe Reader.

The Nine Districts that Make Up the Shanghai City Core

Things to do in Shanghai

Check out our things to do in Shanghai page.

See the Shanghai Zoo if you want to but I felt sad after my visit (Now is July 2011 but I saw it 3 years ago). Is the money going to build more cages for animals or going towards keeping the species alive?

There are many other things to do in Shanghai. Like any huge city, they have all the amenities.

  • Shanghai Shopping
  • Restaurant Hunting
  • Shanghai Museum
  • The Shanghai Zoo
  • Old Shanghai
  • Excursions to Suzhou or ?

In China places can get so crowded that it can ruin your experience in this incredible city. If you keep your activities from 10am to 2pm on weekdays then you'll avoid the stifling crowds.

Get more information on things to do in Shanghai, including when to go, how to get there and what it'll cost you.

Come back and watch the movie below. It's not satellite TV but it gives you a nice look at Nanjing Road so you can do some Shanghai travel of your own:

Finding work in Shanghai CN?

Shanghai is now a place of opportunity and growth. You can feel it in the air and it is infectious. I had planned on finding work in Shanghai and was employed within a week of landing in the city.

The newspapers and jobsites are crammed with jobs but few pay very well, especially when considering the high cost of living in Shanghai.

And it really is the Rat-Race defined. With such a massive population the people lack the space they need to be courteous and thus morning and afternoon rush-hour, especially if you use the Subway to get to work, is ... Hell.

It is a war. An amazing push of huge amounts of people all gunning for their own piece of the pot. I had a hard time after about 5 months. Then again, I had to take the Shanghai subway to work at 8am in the morning, six days a week.

Monday mornings are great. Most Chinese shower on Sunday evening. They don't shower again until the next Sunday. It makes for a Friday night Rush-Hour that is enough to send you home on the next flight.

Shanghai Travel TV Tower Lin

Spoiled foreigner I am. I might be exactly the same if I had been brought up in the same conditions.

Please educate yourself on the most common and current scams for foreigners in Shanghai and most other cities in China before you go.

I hate seeing people get ripped-off, and I saw a lot of them, including myself.

I did enjoy living in Shanghai for 8 months but it got stressful and I was glad to leave in the end. If you have to work that 9am - 5pm job, taking the Shanghai Subway the entire time, then it can be a grind.

Living in Shanghai can be quite easy as long as you can get a decent job. And jobs are everywhere but unfortunately the wages are quite poor.

Teaching English in Shanghai is the easiest way to find a job in Shanghai because of the abundance of schools and the relatively high rate of pay.

Typical Shanghai Weather

It gets pretty cold in the winter months in Shanghai. Enough so that you should consider the Shanghai weather cycles in your Shanghai travel plans.

My last Shanghai travel adventure began in the first week of November. It snowed while I was there but it was light snow and didn't stay long.

Learn more about Shanghai Weather patterns and why you shouldn't buy suitably warm clothes until you get there.


More Good Resources for Shanghai

Shanghai Budget Travel Guide


Tell us Your Story of Shanghai, China!

You can't visit Shanghai without forming some strong opinions. Lay them out here so others may learn and maybe even have a better trip for it.

Don't be afraid to ask us any Questions about Shanghai here.

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