Shanghai Weather Predictions and Current Conditions

"Great Weather and sunshine drive happiness to the heart."

Shanghai weather usually consists of a very hot and humid summer and a cold winter that often sees light flurries of snow.

Temperatures commonly reach the freezing (0°F) point during the winter season and temeratures regularly top 32°C (90°Fahrenheit) during the hottest months of July and August.

Temperature extremes for Shanghai weather are recorded every year. The lowest temperature on record is -10°C (-14°F) and the highest is +41°C (+105°F).

Even though these are record numbers, they are not uncommon. -10°C is the lowest temperature ever recorder during the winter but it was -7°C in mid-November when I was living there in 2008.

I would skip a trip to Shanghai for the months of July and August. +41°C is the record high but again in 2008 it was +36°C and it was just very uncomfortable, mainly because of the humidity that causes you to sweat until your clothes are soaking wet.

I would also skip a trip to Shanghai during November, December, and even January. It is just so cold that people suddenly form rivers of snot from their noses.

And the Chinese don't mind spitting, openly sneezing on you or coughing in your face.

Most people flock for the air-conditioners as beating the heat becomes the number one thing to do.

April and May were my favorite months. The weather was perfect and when the weather is perfect, people become active, friendly and more relaxed.

So goes everything North of Shanghai. Hot summers and cold winters become more extreme the further North you trek. All of it common to the Shanghai weather patterns.

I would never again see Beijing and the Great Wall of China in late October.

We took the train up from Shanghai to Beijing and the cold seemed 10 fold to that of Shanghai.

Despite the Shanghai weather extremes, I recommend taking nothing but the clothes on your back!

You can buy anything you'll need in Shanghai at half the cost of home. Winter or Summer clothing is abundent, of good quality and cheap.

Many of the clothes are slightly flawed original brand-named clothing so check the seams and try them on before buying. Sometimes the flaw is so small that it is insignificant.

If that's the case, you've got a pair of original Gucci Jeans for $20USD!

The fresh produce markets in this video are along Nanjing road, but typical of others around the city. Nanjing road is also full of clothing stores selling warm clothes in winter and shorts and t-shirts in the summer months.

I bought 7 pair of underwear for $6USD and threw them out when I went to wash them and found it was cheaper to buy 6 more.

The best place to find those flawed Items is at the:

Xiangyang Clothing And Souvenir Market

This market is THE place for finding everything from art to clothing and golf clubs. Most of what you'll find are high quality copies or flawed name-brand products.

The day after I landed in Shanghai I went through this market and bought pretty much everything I needed. It was a bartering marathon for my mouth but it was well worth it.

The shopkeepers put all their effort into getting every penny they can out of you. It's as if they figure they've won the lottery the minute the rich foreigner enters their shop.

Barter for everything and make sure you set a price in your head before engaging the shopkeeper. Never pay more than the price you set in your head and you will never walk away feeling you've paid too much.

T-shirts can start at $30USD but can be bartered down to $3USD. Most items are listed at least double or triple the price the shopkeeper will eventually accept.

The market is located opposite Xiangyang Park, along Huai Hai Zhong Road. The nearest Metro station is called the 'Shanxi Nan Road' Station.


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