The Shanghai Zoo and its Giant Panda

"The Zoo in Shanghai Might be the Last chance you'll get to see some of these Animals"

The Shanghai Zoo currently has a tour rating of 0.5/10. I'll  just leave this here.

The Shanghai Zoo offers a great way to see most of the Wildlife Unique to China Alone.

That includes the Giant Panda as well as many other animals found only in China.

Many of the animals are on the Brink of Extinction and These Zoos May Be their Last of survival.

Or it is no way to survive. Everyone sees it differently.

There are enough amusement and leisure opportunities at the Shanghai Zoo to make it a worthwhile excursion.

Shanghai travel excursions are plenty but we love animals and getting so close to a Panda is literally a once in a lifetime experience.

I would prefer to see them in their natural habitat, but that is just not possible.

The staff at the Zoo try to stress the importance of conservation for the dwindling population of indigenous animals.

That includes the Golden-Haired Monkey, South China Tiger and The Giant Panda.

They also provide conservation details for each species and suggested ways people can get involved.

And the kids seem to have a good time with it all

Where Is The Shanghai Zoo?

The Shanghai zoo is located at...

Changning District,
Shanghai, China.

The Shanghai Zoo is VERY near to the Hong Qiao Airport.

In fact, it is exactly at the Hong Qiao airport - within 1 mile or walking distance if you were so inclined.

It seemed odd to me to build a zoo near the City's International Airport and future site of the City's main Railway station.

We could hear and see aircraft landing and departing the airport pretty frequently.

But there it is.

It seemed more of an experiment in air pollution and noise tolerance than an effort to conserve.

As they spoke about the importance of saving the world's ecosystems, a passenger jet flies overhead.

It was actually pretty funny and even the Zookeepers kept looking overhead and then shaking their heads.

Other than that, it's a pretty decent Zoo with some good people staffing it who are clearly concerned for the animals under their care.

How to Get to The Shanghai Zoo

The best way to get there is on the Shanghai Subway. Just find your way to the Hongqiao Subway Station and follow the signs out of the station.

You can also take the bus. All bus routes are clearly marked on any of the tourist Maps, which you can get out of the lobby in most of the Hotels or Hostels in Shanghai.

Take bus #57, #48, #91, #519, #709, #739, #748, #806, #807, #809, #911, #925, #936, #941, #945 Or take any of the big tour buses marked Line #4,

The Gongshe Line, The Xinbei Line, The Huqing Line, The Zhongwei Line or The Xumei Line to get there.

We took the Shanghai Subway, but the bus has huge value. It's a great way to see the city on your way out to the Zoo.

How Much Does it Cost to get in the The Shanghai Zoo?

  • Adults (Over 18) CNY 40
  • 6-18 year olds CNY 20
  • Child under 6 must be accompanied by an adult. But he/she is in for free.

The opening hours vary by season.

  • November to February

The Zoo opens at 7:00am and closes at 5pm.

  • March and October

Open at 7:00am again but they close later at 5:30pm.

  • April to September

The zoo opens at 6:30am and closes at 5:30pm

What It Looks Like Inside?

The Shanghai Zoo used to be a golf course.

The government took up an ambitious task and landscaped the park so that the scenery flowed in a natural, harmonious way.

Whoo. Even I can smell the Bull Crap. I assume it was a Golf Course no one wanted to play, so the animals were gifted it, because it was in bad shape.

I'm just taking a WILD guess.

The result is actually pretty open, though, It's grassy and it could be worse.

They made an effort to create an ecologically friendly environment for the animals. Of what you can see of it, anyways.

The main entrance-way, zoo walkways, banks of the dwindling rivers, the areas surrounding Swan Lake, and the grass are decorated with beautiful plants, flowers and artistically designed trellises that enhance the beauty of the surrounding areas.

The green areas or lawns cover 100,000 square meters. There are a total of 100,000 trees with nearly 600 species of plants in the zoo.

So they say in the brochure you get when you buy a ticket. I hated to buy that ticket, but no one hides their secrets better than the Chinese.

And I have no way of changing the fact that humans lie their zoos. There were not many people there and most areas are off limits.

I'm Canadian and we don't like caged animals.

What Kinds Of Animals Live In The Shanghai Zoo?

The zoo houses and exhibits more than 6,000 animals. 600 of which are rare and endangered.

But I was miserable here and it best if you don't support this.

Specifically Rare and Endangered are the animals indigent to China (Probably because they have eaten most..

Some of them are the Golden-Haired Monkey, South China Tiger and Giant Panda.

There are also Polar Bears, Brown Bears (they interact often with the Visitors, mainly by begging for food).

There are different types of Monkeys (they're really active and aggressive), Fish close to the entrance (lots of different types of fishes in a nice presentation of tanks).

You'll also get chance to see Peacocks, Giraffes, Ducks (swan lake is just full of them), Chimpanzees, and Kangaroos.

The Polar Bear Exhibition Area

This exhibition area simulates the environment of the North Pole.

It really is a sight to see and I'm sure the bears living in there are quite comfortable with all the snow and ice about.

Good to Know Before Visiting the Shanghai Zoo

If you don't feel like walking around the Zoo then you can take the small shuttle tour. It takes you all around the zoo, with stops at all the animal enclosures for only 10RMB.

If you decide to walk, because you're lazy or if the sun is out at all in the summer or Spring then put on some sunscreen and wear a hat.

Everything is expensive once they get you inside the zoo. Make sure you take your own camera. They do sell you photos inside the zoo but they almost laugh to themselves as you pay the ridiculous prices.


Complaint calls for Shanghai City: 021-64393615

State Tourism Office: 010-65275315

Zoo Number: +86 2162687775

Here's a video of the zoo.

The videographer clearly has an agenda, but it is interesting to watch how the Chinese people interact with the animals.

Watch the girls trying to get the attention of a peacock and then a Panda eating a cupcake.

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