Reliable, Real-Time Sihanoukville Weather Reports...

The Sihanoukville weather reports that you'll find on this page are up to the minute but also include a Sihanoukville weather forecast through the following week.

But there are seasons or varying times of the year when we pretty much know what to expect weather-wise in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

If you flew all the way from Germany to New Your city in December expecting to find hot weather then you might first need to stop drinking so much rice wine.

I think there are only 2 seasons in Cambodia. They are 'Hot' and 'Super Hot' and you could make a case for 'Hot with a Lot of Rain'.

But if you don't want to insult anyone in Cambodia then you have to acknowledge (with a straight face) that Cambodia surely has 4 distinct seasons.

The 4 Seasons to Complete a Good Sihanoukville Weather Page


From November to February is Cambodia's winter. The people can often be seen wearing ski jackets and scarves. It gets down to about 22Celcius at night but there is very little rain during this season.

From March to May is the hottest and thus dryest time of the year. It's when they have the water festval to cool themselves down. Temperatures can get up to 45°.

I drive my motorbike in sihanoukville during these few months the air is so hot it feels like someone has pointed a hairdryer at my face.

Even the water at the beaches in Sihanoukville are like bath water and not very refreshing.

From June to late August it is very hot but the rain comes often and soaks you to the bone. It is a fun time of the year for about a month and then it starts to get on your nerves.

It can be a lovely clear, sunny day that suddenly turns into a heavy downpour that floods the streets until the water is riding your motorbike through ankle high levels of dirty water.

September to October is the worst of the four seasons. It's a combination of cool weather with the ever present threat of a heavy downpour that will again flood the streets.

This is the season when I and so many other people find themselves always getting sick.

Get caught in a downpour while riding your motorbike home and the cool air quickly becomes freezing against your wet clothing and the sniffles will soon follow.

The best Time for enjoying the Sihanoukville beaches begins as soon as the rains end in late November. The nice breezy-warm weather lasts all the way through January.

It can still get a bit chilly at night (20°) but once the sun comes out the teperature warms back up to the 30° range.

I figure that the best weather for beach loitering is from December to January because of the balmy temperatures and the usually clear blue skies.


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