Swim With Dolphins Hong Kong

by Natalie

Dear Sir/Madam

I was just wondering if you do the swim with the dolphins program at the Ocean Theatre and how much it costs as i may visit.
Hope to hear from you soon
Thank you for your time.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Yes. I did get a very short time in the pool with the dolphins at Ocean Theatre. It was free and loads of people wanted to get in as well but they were not allowed.

Ocean Park wants to keep it's numbers down, especially around the dolphins. So, you must register as soon as you walk in the entrance gate for a chance to swim with them.

If you run back 30 minutes later, you cannot register. They make it tough for a reason. So, look for the sign as soon as you have passed through the main Entrance Gate (Main Entrance Only).

Please don't forget 'cause it's


If you don't get in then you have to see the pink dolphins that swim in the waters between Hong Kong and Macau. Take the budget Hong Kong Pink Dolphin Watching Cruise for the best rates.

They guarantee you'll get a chance to see the dolphins in their natural habitat and enjoy a day out on the water. It is a very beautiful place and it's a real shame so few people get to see anything but the center of Hong Kong city.

Best of Luck and have a Happy New Year 2011,


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