Teacher Who Can't Speak Vietnamese

by Roderick
(Costa Rica)

I am 59 years of age and live in Costa Rica. Im from the United States and have been living here for over five years. I have two college degrees and have been teaching english here for over two years.

In the U.S. I taught 22 courses in law for over 10 years. I now own and operate an english school.My first question is.....I dont speak their language.....is that a problem?

I also do not have any of the teaching certificates...Living in Costa Rica..I dont believe that even if I were to get them here.....they would have any value.....You can buy almost anything here....I dont think online courses are all that great....and the cost here in Costa is so expensive.....I dont drink and I am professional.

I have brown hair and blue eyes....Can, I get the certificates in Vietnam...do they really have value? Do you have any suggestions for me? thanks alot for your time.


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O.K. So you are the owner of a English School in Costa Rica and are a former teacher in the United States who taught law for 10 years. Wow.

Prove that you have worked at some university in the US teaching law and you will get hired in Vietnam, even with no English teaching experience.

You don't need any TEFl or English Teaching Certification. You have 2 Bachelor's degrees and lots of classroom experience. As long as you have the paperwork to prove that then you will get work.

You could even teach law in one of the international universities in Vietnam and be paid much better than an English Teacher. Benefits and paid vacations included.

No one has ever asked me if speaking the language was needed or a requirement. It is not. I can speak maybe 10 words in Vietnamese and are all either rude, love related or beer related phrases.

I would not worry at all about getting work. Your only concern is where you are going to apply and how much money you are going to ask for.

If you really want a TEFL then the best place to broese is at I to I. They offer every type of course, they are properly accredited and their prices are good.

I just like the huge selection of choices you get. You could do a full 120 hour course or anything in between. It's up to you.

Best of Luck,


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