Teaching English In Nha Trang

by Anon

I am a depute head eacher of a primary school in uk who will be retiring soon. I would like to teach ESL in Nha Trang for a minimum of 3 months/ Is this possible for me?


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I'll try to answer the best I can for what most generally applies to most people.

You have told me very little about yourself and what you have told me makes me think you're having me on. You write in a way that is not common amongst head teachers of primary schools in England.

Even when writing comments on internet sites, headmasters are meticulous with their spelling and grammar. They would never say 'I am a depute head teacher'. But I may be wrong and I apologize if I am.

I have had this exact question before. Nha Trang certainly is the place most people want to be. Therefore, most teaching positions in the relatively few school are highly sought after by both local and foreign teachers.

A good friend worked with me for 2 years in Saigon. He begged weekly for a posting in our other branch in Nha Trang. And he was well-liked and a very good teacher. He finally got the position up there and about a year later he could hardly wait to get out of Nha Trang.

You won't get full time hours if you just walk into the schools in Nha Trang. You'll have to prove yourself first (I am assuming you have a University degree, a Celta or TEFL (40 Hour course and experience) and are 'European looking'.

Then they will do a Demo' class with you on your first day. If you pass that you can expect 12-14 hours a week. Eventually, if you are a good teacher, the hours will build after that.

You can always buy your way in. It's Vietnam after all. It's done by going through a TEFL course in Vietnam.

Some offer positions guaranteed after the completion of the course. Currently Clevelearn is taking on most of them (Cleverlearn is a large School in Saigon).

But you pay $2,500 for the course and placement in a school in Saigon. They can also get you up to Nha Trang if you give a generous gift to the wife of the man in power.

You'll know who he is fairly quickly. In Vietnam, status is immediately evident and openly made obvious.

No Joke. Get a pair of $300USD gold earrings, wrap it up as a gift and visit the 'big man' in his office. Tell him you want to show your appreciation by offering him a gift. Hand him the box with the earrings inside and don't forget to mention that you want a post in Nha Trang.

It sounds nuts but that's just how things work in Vietnam. It's a crazy place.

There it is. If you want to be more specific about yourself I may be able to help you better. Just click the reply button and ask Away!


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Jun 11, 2018
we are looking for English teachers
by: The Light English Centre

Hello, I'm from The Light English Cenre at Nha Trang, Vietnam.We are looking for an English teacher for children from 4-11 years old. if you have demand on getting teaching job, pls contact us via my email: mythao38@gmail.com or phone number: 0258.3870.059. thank you.

Feb 03, 2016
interested in job
by: Maja


My name is Maja, I am a blonde American female with two years of teaching English as foreign language in Spain, and countless hours of private tutoring on the side. I also have a TEFL certificate for 150 hours. I have lived in Madrid and other big cities and was hoping for a quieter and more relaxed city ( I know it's still Vietnam but...). Would I be able to find higher pay?.. as through my research I have discovered that in other cities that pay is as high as $20 per hour.

Thanks in advance!



Unqualified $22USD per hour; Qualified can go as high as $3,500 a month.

Jun 08, 2010
Teaching English in Nha Trang
by: Lizelle


I would like to find out more about English teaching positions in Nha trang.

I am currently finishing a 120 hour TEFL course in London, and I'm planning to move to Vietnam in October this year to pursue my teaching career.

I also hold a university degree in Fine Art.

Can someone please give me some advice or guidance on this matter, and if I stand a chance to get a position in this city?



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HI, Lizelle.

All of your qualifications are really spotless.

As long as you are a relatively outgoing person can control a large classroom, design a lesson plan that is both fun and topic orientated and you are fairly attractive (I mean not so ugly that you scare them) then yes, you will land a job within a week.

You'll put other teachers out of work. But it always begins the same way no matter where you are teaching in Vietnam.

Everyone wants to begin in Nha Trang and that's where the most job applications are sent.

But Vietnamese won't even look at a job application. How you present yourself is far more important to them. They just don't seem to see you unless you are standing in front of them, resume in hand, asking for work.

Because of the stiff competition in Nha Trang They will offer you somewhere between 12USD - 14USD an hour (First offers are dropping lately and are closer to $10USD to $12USD as on November 1, 2011).

Then they will hand you a schedule with anywhere from 10 - 15 hours a week on it. You'll gain more hours as you prove yourself but you'd be 6 months before you could hope for a good 30 hour week.

I am befuddled why so many people want to make Nha Trang their first overseas teaching post. I recommend you head up there for a week and see it yourself first.

Choose wisely your first destination, Lizelle. Best of Luck,


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