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  1. Do You Qualify? Legally?

  2. How Our Looks Affect Us

  3. Getting Your Work Permit

  4. The Best Country for the Non-Immigrant B?

  5. What if I don't Meet the Qualifications?

  6. Is it Possible?

Teaching English in Thailand is not so much about getting a job but finding ways of keeping it and remaining in Thailand.

Finding a job won't be your biggest hurdle. You'll only be allowed to stay in the country for as long as your Thai Visa allows, unless you can either extend it or secure a work permit.

Much like many overseas teaching jobs, the ESL jobs Thailand provides are meant to be for the qualified and they want proof before stamping your non-Immigrant B visa and allowing you to apply for a work permit and a long stay.

Learn more about Thailand Travel Visas. The page is really just for tourist visas and doesn't go into Work Permits and Non Immigrant B Status for Workers teaching in Thailand.

It makes it difficult to retain a job doing anything if you can't maintain any sort of residency. So, finding a teaching job in Thailand will always be affected by the type of visa you can get.

We're going to show you how to go about finding teaching jobs in Thailand and the steps you can take to ensure a long stay, or at least for as long as you want.

Can You Legally Work in the Kingdom of Thailand?

There are only a few things you need to qualify for teaching English in Thailand who can legally obtain a work permit and teach English in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Those Include:

  • A Bachelor's Degree in any Field from a Regionally (And sometimes Nationally) Accredited University

There is huge debate as to whether a University Degree actually makes a teacher any better. Nonetheless, it is a legal requirement for teaching English in Thailand.

A Photocopy is useless unless you take the Original to the Thai Embassy in your home country and have them verify and 'witness' the Document.

Hopefully, they'll provide you with about 5 high quality Photocopies that are certified by the Thai Embassy and are acceptable by the Thai Ministry of Labour.

Or just take the original Diploma with you to Thailand. If you lose it, you can get it replaced in about 6 months and $100USD.


In That Order of Significance.

I didn't include 'Online' versions because they are useless for teaching English in Thailand. The schools and the Thai Labor Board demand that a portion of your TEFL class be on-campus, in-class and participatory. Only the 140 hour courses provide this and thus they are the minimum.

The TELF is the cheapest option and is acceptable by most schools for teaching English in Thailand but it commands the least respect. The CELTA is most widely known and in my opinion the best of the lot because of this. Every school in the world seems to know of the CELTA.

A TESOL is tops but the PGCE from England trumps them all, of course.

You must have one of these 3 before you can legally obtain your work permit and begin teaching English in Thailand. Have a look at a well qualified and good value provider of TEFL courses.

Just remember to check out only the 140 hour combination courses, which mix both work in the classroom and some online work. By far, the most economical, yet perfectly legal way to get you teaching English in Thailand.

How Our Looks Affect Us

Looks matter when searching the ESL jobs Thailand has available to you. When getting a job teaching English in Thailand Presentation can mean everything in some cases, as with so many South-East Asian countries.

If you fit the ideal of a Native English Speaker, you can get hired long before the more qualified candidate that doesn't meet that look.

If you are an African Negro then your chances of getting work in Thailand are pretty much nil unless you come over on a sponsored ticket from a company in the US or Europe. If you are from America or Europe with black skin then your chances improve but are still dismal at best.

It is just the way it is. I don't know if it is such a malicious thing or just that these people in Thailand just don't associate black people with the English language, or Asians for that matter.

I wonder how I would react if I took a Japanese class and a 20 year old white kid walked in as my teacher? What if I said "Why don't we have a Japanese person teaching this class?"

Am I then a bigot who should be reviled by everyone?

If you look Asian, you are in the same boat... Usually. You will most definitely be offered less money but Asians born overseas with perfect English can often find work.

The color of your skin, or rather the degree of whiteness of your skin is in direct proportion to your value as a paid worker in Thailand. White skinned Thais become managers while better qualified Thais with dark skin remain at the bottom of the pile.

I hate that I had to write about this. I hope that there are not too many Asians or Africans reading this. I would be angry if I had heard this type of news. It reeks of Bigotry and I apologize to anyone I may have offended.

If you are young with blue eyes and blond hair, have a comedic personality and were born in England, Australia, Canada, USA, or NZ, you'll be seen as the perfect English teacher and will always be at the top of any list of job candidates.

Next ... I want to get off this topic.

Getting Your Work Permit

This should be the goal for anyone who aspires to be teaching English in Thailand for a prolonged stay. Maybe you went and fell in love?

That's what happened to me. So I had no choice but to remain in Thailand and I had to find the way to do that.

If you meet the qualifications and you plan on making the move to teaching English in Thailand, then I'll give you my outline for gaining that goal. There are going to be people with other opinions but that is why you can have your say anytime you'd like.

The method that worked for me was to get the 60 day tourist visa from any Thai embassy near you. The 60 day Tourist visa is renewable for another month once you are in the country. If you go over without this visa, then you'll get the automatic 30 days. That is not enough time.

So, get the 60 Day Tourist Visa from the Thai Embassy in your Home country. That gives you 90 days to land a job, impress the heck out of your employers and then (2 Months Later) ask them to supply you with the sponsorship papers you will need to obtain your non-Immigrant B Visa, which you'll need to then apply for your work permit (Which the School will do).

Remember, as long as you possess that work Permit, you are permitted to live and work teaching English in Thailand. Get your work permit revoked and you have 10 days to leave the country. So, get one and hang on to it.

I was lucky and managed it in 6 months. The first time, they refused to issue me with a Non-Immigrant B Visa. I went back 2 days later, hoping for a change in staff. I was lucky and re-applied to a different person.

I dressed well and talked with him about having friends in Thailand through my teaching in Canada. He liked me. I got my Visa and eventually a work permit that kept me in Thailand for over 3 years.

Remember, these people will decide whether you get your visa or not. Nothing is yet written in stone until the Thai Embassy Staff in the country you went to has signed off on it.

So, do not arrive in a pair of shorts and smelling like beer. They will refuse you. Show up in you best outfit both when you apply and when you are scheduled to pick it up.

Where's The Best Country To Get a Non-Immigrant B Visa?

When you leave Thailand you'll probably go to the embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Penang Malaysia or Kota Baru Malaysia to apply for your Non immigrant B.

It used to be easy to get a 1 year non-immigrant B without any 'real' paper work for teaching English in Thailand. Not so anymore. In fact, I am partial to getting your Non-Immigrant B at the Thai Embassy in Phnom Penh. I love it and it is not anywhere near the South of Thailand.

What if I don't Meet the Qualifications?

Then it is a back of the horse ride through some pretty dangerous and unhealthy waters for you. You put yourself up in a position of weakness where others can get at you.

So, you have to be extra cautious and crafty with everything you do when Teaching English in Thailand without a degree. Keep bigger ears, wider eyes and know when to turn and run! (That's a Joke).

There are schools just about everywhere that will hire you for the purpose of teaching English in Thailand even without a degree or a spit of training or experience. Heck, some private schools will even offer to make up a fake degree for you and then produce a legit work permit for you!

But they will have you by the nuts if anything goes sour. Sorry for the bad pun, Ladies.

It is illegal, but who do you think will pay the price if the police come around or immigration decides to do a check of a school. That will be you and only you paying the price if you get caught. Up to you.

All of this is Very Rare. Only when the owners have missed a Tea money payment to the local police does this kind of thing happen. The chances of the moon exploding are probably higher, but it does happen.

Can it be done?

Teaching English in Thailand can be done in spades. I don't believe that being under-qualified should be such a big deal that it takes anybody's dreams away from them.

Life is too short.

If teaching English in Thailand is you dream then trust me, you'll find work but stand a 1/100000000 chance of the below happening to you.

I saw a teacher removed from a schoolyard by the immigration police and heard of many others (Some worked with me at the same franchised Private English School) getting caught with fake documents.

They will hold you until you can pay for a plane ticket out of the country. If you have the money to buy a ticket immediately then they will let you go with nothing more than a blacklisting on your passport.

A Blacklisting means you are Persona Non Grata or never to be permitted entry into Thailand ever again. You won't be teaching English in Thailand again soon.

That may not be the worst case scenario. If you can't afford the plane fare out of the country they will hold you in the detention center until someone wires you the money or ...

If the penalty doesn't bother you then go ahead and teach English in Thailand with Gusto and don't go and fall in love with a local girl. Then you're really in trouble and I can't help you. No One can help you. But what a fun ride that will be!

If you don't think the risk is worth it them get your Bachelor's Degree either online or at a college which has courses done at an accelerated pace. Then get your TEFL. Then get some experience. It won't take more than a few years to do all of this and once you have these qualifications, no one can ever take them away from you.

You're going to live those 2-3 years anyways, so why not spend the time getting qualified? The Thai Tom Yung Kung Soup in Thailand will still be here waiting for you. And no one can take that away from you, either.

Good Luck Teaching English in Thailand,


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