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by Lazy

Question. About the hours

What were the teaching hours.

In language schools? In high schools? College?
Are they morning and afternoon? or afternoon and evening?

How early in the morning do Native English teachers arrive at school? 7:00 a.m, 8:00...?


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I usually worked 8am-12pm, returned home for food and swimming then returned to work for my 6pm-10pm classes.

But I can't answer your question. Each school is different. Seriously. Their is no uniformity. Most public schools begin at 7am and finish at 6pm (With a 4 hour lunch break)

Private schools change month on month. If students are about, they open a class and assign a teacher. That class could be a 7am-8.30am class and then you're done for the day.

Students walk into the school. They take a placement test then are assigned to a class. The student will request a time to learn but will adjust to fit into a class that is beginning soon.

As soon as the school gets 18 or more people to agree to a time and a level and have paid, the class is formed and it could start at 7am or start at 7pm.

That class will begin only once it is full and a teacher is then assigned.

Wish I was of more help.


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Aug 15, 2012
Public Schools
by: Anonymous

I am an American and have heard at start of school year teachers give gifts to principals to be on good side. What are acceptable gifts .... basket of fruit, box of candies ???

I would love to teach math, physics or chemistry in VietNam. Classes would have to taught in English since I cannot speak Vietnamese.

I enjoy reading articles from Vietnamese people and experiences of those who have traveled there.

Apr 18, 2011
Appreciate the Information
by: Anonymous

Thank you Philip. Your answer was very helpful. Much appreciated.


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You're welcome. I hope you get a chance to come back and write a few sentences of advice after you are over there. Seems so many people are interested in teaching English in Vietnam nowadays.

Many people come here simply seeking comfort and reassurance before they go. Most already have all the answers. A few words of advice from anyone who has gone there and done it already goes a long way to helping others wanting to teach in Vietnam.

Good Luck


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