Teaching in Vietnam with no TEFL-TESOL-CELTA

by Noah
(Ho Chi Minh City)

I am looking for work ASAP but I have no teaching certifications of any kind. I do however have over two years of teaching experience between China and Korea.

Do you happen to know the school names that would be willing to hire me?

I know that some of the schools would be interested in me, but I still have no freakin' idea how to find them! Please let me know any information that you have. Thanks.


Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

Best way to get a job in Vietnam. Get your resume done nice, print out about 10 copies and put on your best shirt, tie, slacks and dress shoes.

Grab a motorbike driver that speaks good English. The best ones are around the Pham Ngu Lao area, probably best on De Tham Street. Tell the driver to take you to the best 10 private schools in the city.

Negotiate a price of no more than $7USD but always carry your map. The driver will drive you to the top schools so all you have to do is walk in and give them your resume.

If you have a mobile phone number on the resume, you should start getting calls the following morning.

You really are not going into a situation where you need to feel worried. Hundreds of teachers arrive every month and manage to find the schools.

You taught in Korea and China. Make sure you present that in a better way than you did here. You sound like you think you don't deserve a job.

Good Luck,


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