Thank You Shanghai Travel Advice

by Anna

My BF and I will travel to Shanghai in a month, so I was making some research about the place and found your page.

Thank you very much for all your tips and information. It opens another view of the place and makes it easier.

Thank you very much again!!!



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Thank you. Anna. That means more to me than you know. I usually don't publish compliments here because it doesn't really help people looking for Asia travel advice and that is all I do here.

The Topic of my website puts me in direct Competition with Travelocity, Expedia, Yahoo and Google travel, as well as Flight Center and Lonely Planet. There is no money in this because of the stiff competition, which makes getting these thank you notes so important to me.

I wouldn't keep spending the money and time on this website if it were not for the thank you letters. I feel proud to have made your trip easier and maybe even a little cheaper and hassle-free!

Please send mail (Compliments or otherwise) to (Replace AT with @) I prefer to keep this area for people who have tips or travel stories they want to pass on.

Especially great are the contributions written here by people that have been over there and have already experienced the place. Even if people just tell of their experiences, it gives others a sense of what to expect and educates them.

Having the best information is like being equipped to handle the con artists, the tour ticket rip-you-off masters and all other manner of annoyance you'll Undoubtedly encounter along the way.

Good Luck, Anna.


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