The Train from Thailand to Cambodia

by me be dbcooper

Be aware that almost everyone is trying to scam you.

The tuk-tuks from the train station are paid to misdirect you and will drop you off short of the actual border.

The border guards take bribes.

The shuttle bus from the border lands you in a bus station, a 2 hour bus ride to Siem Reap is $12 - $15US and it lands short of the downtown area, which means another tuk-tuk to town ($3).

Get right downtown for guest houses & affordable hotels.

Across the canal is the Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel ($20 - $25, clean, with breakfast and a pool on the roof.

$20 a day for the ruins at Siem Reap + $15 for a tuk-tuk for the day (driver gives you a phone & you call him at the end of each ruin.) Decent food & trestaurants just off the canal downtown.

Vibrant. Safe.

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Oct 08, 2015
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Feb 17, 2015
Excellent Advice
by: Philip

Sounds like you have done the trip recently.

Yes, the tuk-tuks waiting at the Train Station will not take you all the way to the border, but to be honest, they aren't allowed.

There is such a system set up between each sector of tuk-tuks, restaurants, border guards, etc, that they are not permitted to do anything right by you.

They would essentially be 'stepping on the feet' of others who want a crack at your dollars. It sounds bad but the total cost is still lower than a mini-van from Bangkok and the view from the early morning train ride is an experiance you will never forget in your lifetime.

The mini-van is hours of boredom locked in a hot box with 12 other tourists.

I still say "Take the Train!!!!" And despite dealing with money grubbing scammers, what a beautiful train ride it is.


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