Travelers’ Checks Accepted in Vietnam?

by Roland

Are Travelers' Checks accepted in Vietnam? I am wondering the best way to carry money with me while in Vietnam.

Should I even bring Travelers' Checks to Vietnam?

I'll be arriving in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam but am gonna head all the way across Vietnam to Hanoi.

I need to know if travelers' Checks are a widely accepted method of payment across Vietnam, even in the small towns in Vietnam.




Answered by

Travelers' Checks can pose problems when purchasing anything outside of the major cities.

People will just look at you with a blank stare if you try to use them anywhere but at a bank or in a major hotel. They will then charge you a 1-2% commission.

Banks such as CitiBank, ANZ Bank, HSBC and Vietcombank can change your Travelers’ Checks for VND or US Dollars.

The best way is to have a little of everything. Always have some cash with you, a credit card and some travelers' checks.

Just don't leave any of it in your hotel room while out. Safest is in a money belt.

Best travels to you.

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