Tutoring English Vietnam

by Thuy Pham

I've got a question. Great article by the way. I never thought about teaching English in Vietnam but let me ask you this.

Are their posting for private tutoring? I'm going to Vietnam for a month so why not offer my services for private English tutoring....is this possible without certification?



Reply from Travel-Budget-Asia.com

You can teach without certification. I know many teachers that are teaching Privately without any certification and little education. But they have proven themselves to be good teachers by working in a school and gaining experience.

I meet 99% of the students interested in Private tutoring at the very schools I work. They come up to me after class and we work something out. I know no one who is making a good living on Privates alone. You need the guaranteed cash per month that the schools pay.

You are only going for a month. I don't know how you'd be able to get your name out there and secure some decent hours. It can be a time-consuming endeavor if you have to travel to homes in Go Vap District just to do 1 hour of tutoring at say $15USD an hour. So finding the students in such a short time is your first problem.

You're next problem will be to line up the 'REAL' employers that will treat you as an employee and pay you. Vietnamese people will often take a 1 hour lesson from you. When you ask to get paid they will not pay because "I thought we were friends. Friends don't pay." And you won't get your money.

If you secure a 'Real Employer', they will often cancel or postpone. If you were relying on that money to pay your rent, you are screwed. So they are always unpredictable. And they expect that you owe them for later even if they canceled 1 hour before the lesson was to begin.

If I was you, I would head to Phu My Hung District 7 and target the best, most reliable students. The Korean kids all live in that district. Put signs up everywhere and you may get a few calls.

I also notice your name is Thuy Pham. That makes you an overseas Vietnamese? If I am correct, you will have a very tough time getting any work as an English teacher in Vietnam. Even if they do offer you work, they will offer it at $4USD an hour. I have seen it happen. Vietnamese don't want to learn English from other Vietnamese, even overseas Vietnamese.

Then again, I have a Vietnamese friend at RMIT University working as an English Teacher. But he went to Stanford University and trained as a teacher, earning highly respected qualifications.

Good luck to you but if you want to really teach English, go to one of the private schools and negotiate your butt off. You will get work if they need teachers and they will pay well if you barter well. Don't tell them you are leaving in a month. That might put $1000USD in your pocket.


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