Vietnam 2007

by Kimberly
(New York City)

When I arrived in saigon I was applauded by many people, the air was so thick with hot smoke, that I felt like dying, then my never before seen relatives came up to my family and I.

I was so glad to seen them, but not the bugs in their house, you will get used to it a week later.....anyways the arrival from the airport was long and cool, my relatives rented a car, or maybe owned it, I saw all the motor cycles outside and thought, wow this was my mom and dad's life before me, I wonder what is was like living in Vietnam.

When I got to the house it was ok.

In the right, my cousins from Boston who came every summer told me the lake in front of the house was suppose to be for people who wanted to swim, now, it's hideous.

I later entered the house and saw bugs swarming across the floor, I was freaked out, so I ran across the room to the living room where it had no couches, that was very odd till I found out there used to be a couch, except it made the room hotter.

Anyways, I entered the kitchen where my GREAT GREAT GRAND MOTHER WAS LYING ON A BED, PROBABLY THE ONLY BED THINGY TO HOLD the BED IN the HOUSE. I was surprised.

When I got up to my room I saw bugs all around in the lights, I was so scared and my Aunt, Goo Ma pronucing it in Chinese just rubbed it off the lights. And in most homes I know, the lights are never on the roof part, their on the wall, thank god if i slept under the light if it was on the ceiling, bugs would be all over my face.ugg.

I also felt like such a brat when I got to the room because I acted so spoiled like ewwww that and uggg.. that. Just remember you would get used to everything in Vietnam after a while. by the way I was only 11 when I arrived to saigon, and still 11 now. Last year actually.

The next day I wonder where my cosuins were staying and figure out is was the big house next door!!! 5 or 6 floors high, I always wonder why the amount of floors were so much. I went in and there stood a spyro stair case. I was stunned. I was like they live here!!! and in US dollars those houses were only 30k!!! And if u ever happen to buy 1 I recommed the ones that are really high, the view is amazing. I was astonished by the view. a couple days later, I went on a motorcycle and suprisingly, they're not most like the ones in america, only 1000 us dollars. I think.. I saw it in a magazine it was 2million dong, 15000 dong=1 US dollar.

Trust me on this if u ever wanna stock up on kitchen supplies it would be in Vietnam, plates not even $2, more like 1.50. Pots about 5 dollars.

The next day my dad took a taxi to a mall, even BETTER!!! SO CHEAP but the clothing design were kind of ugly....hehehehe. I bought only about 20 shirts in my trip, jeans omg, they were so cheap about $18-$20, and also SO BIG WHO knew they had sizes 24-28. Well they were big 4 me not u grown ups...

After that I ate at a home resturants, I hated eating when my dad takes me out. We would eat at least 5 or 4 times a day cause everything was insanely cheap.

I felt like pooping every lunch or dinner break. Uggg and oo yeah the bathrooms..umm I'd suggest your hotel or family's house beause I cannot poop in the toilet it's very low and not even a real toilet excep if u pee.

Bugs EVERYWHERE. I was afraid to go to the bathroom even now. I will never get used to those bathrooms...

If you're an American who wants to travel to Vietnam might I suggest having a private tour/non-private tour guide. Because some Vietnamese people aren't nice like some camera men was taking pics of me and my family and charged us twice the price. Luckily there were some nice people who told us that that was too much to pay. You just have to know what's the right price and what's not...hehehhe, what a waste of money...if you ever go shopping, i just want to remind you a lot of cheap stuff can all go back expensive and pile up.. so don't buy so much on one trip.

Let's see after I went shopping and bought food milk is so good, not sugared I went to Nha Trang, very beautiful beach but I must warn you beach lovers, be careful cause during noon-night waves will rise and get ulgy, in the morning, the waves are calm which I like.

Everytime I saw a homeless person I felt so sad....just wanted to share that, but careful when giving money, all the other homeless people will want some too. AND WHO KNOWS? U CAN EVEN DIE IF THEY JUMP U LIKE THEY DID TO ME....HEHEHEH JUST KIDDING..

I'd recommend a spa like I went to, mud bath, didn't really work but the experience was great then I went to the hot spring pool, very hot.

I really don't remember the timeline but my trip was awesome. There was also this time when I saw a huge crab for about $2.50 US dollars I really don't know. It was loaded with meat and all goodness in the world.

The fruits and vegges were also good and very buggiest. I saw bugs crawling all over them...not the best place to buy fruits they're also rare in America like dragon fruit, ummmm.. well those purple fruit.. and well I don't know what their called. If you buy them in America its $7. I checked and saw it in Chinatown...

My family and I also went to this place called 'Vinapearl'. Very fun there was rides and even bumber cars my favorite I kept bumping into my sister...hehehe THE BEST TIME IN MY LIFE....HEHEHHE.

If you want to go on Vinapearl it's also an island so you would have to pay to transport, it's by ski boat, sky tram and I think jet. 120,000 Dong or about 7 or 8 bucks USA dollars. Cheapest one.

There was this trip to the island of monkeys. My sister got bit by one. Monkeys can look nice, but everyone know they're smart, like EXTREMELY. I put the peanut/corn in my pocket, then some monkey comes out of no where and steals it!!

I was mad but also laughing, I didn't really mind but who knows if the people on that island were feeding them. My Aunt then gave me hers. monkeys also love to bite. Like my sister and my other aunt. From that day on I'll never trust a monkey again!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was my basic trip to Vietnam I should of wrote it in a diary instead don't cha think..hehehe well that's it.....


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Thank-You for a wonderful inside view of Vietnam by someone who has family there! You don't need a diary because this will always be on this website for you or your family in Vietnam to read.

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