Vietnam or Thailand

by Hien Tang

Hi, I am a 38 year old male, I have been in the U.K for 32 years so my English is fluent but I have no Degrees of any sort.

I would like to go to Vietnam to teach English but am now a little put off because of what I have read that Viet Kieu's like me would get a smaller salary or even struggle to find work?

However I'm looking at taking the TEFL course. Would it be better to take it in the U.K or doesn't it matter?

Also, would Thailand or China be hard to get teaching work for Viet Kieu's? What sort of pay could I get with no experience apart from that I can speak enough Vietnamese to get by.

Kind regards.

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Feb 26, 2011
Vietnam or Thailand
by: Travel-Budget-Asia

A Viet Kieu wanting to return to Vietnam? Usually going the other way.

This has been talked about many times here but yes, if you return to Vietnam they will try to bunch you in with the other Vietnamese teachers and pay you same rate.

It angers the other teachers that a Vietnamese can earn sooo much more than them just because they lived overseas.

You have to shake your head and say no.

Refuse to let them do that by not accepting a position until they do. Don't speak Vietnamese but better you play that you can't understand it even. Just for the job interviews.

Do the TEFL. Without it or experience you will have a very hard time finding work, especially if you expect to be paid the same as the white boys.

Thailand is a no go because it is illegal to work in the Kingdom of Thailand without a university degree.

Sure, many people there don't have a degree and are illegals. It is the students that will be your biggest problem.

They will not accept an Asian person to teach the advanced levels of English. Even Vietnamese people will wonder why they have a Vietnamese teacher and will not accept it in many cases.

You must really define yourself as a completely Westernized person. Your best chance will be your performance in the trial classes.

If you are funny, interesting and entertaining you just might be able to hold on to a Western Size Salary job.

Let's be honest. Your chances are slim. No experience, no degree, no TEFL and you have the Asian look.

You will get work but forget China because they don't hire Asian teachers and you don't qualify for a visa to Thailand for more than 30 days.

Please, don't give up. Get the TEFL in the U.K and get the CELTA. You need all the help you can get.


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