Vietnam to Cambodia

by Miro

Hallo friends

we will go from vietnam to thailand through cambodia.

Is there any problem for indenpendent and budged travelers crossing vietnam/cambodia/thailand border?

I heard advice to take for this trip tourist agency as they can avoid any problems on the border.

If we take regular bus connection from Saigon to Phom phen can by any problem with it? Let say long time waiting for visa proceding and bus can not wait or something with money to pay for officers to let thinks go easier?

Thank you

Miro from Slovakia


Reply from

Big questions.

You'll get a free 30 day visa upon arrival at any border crossing into Thailand. Cambodia will also issue you a visa on the spot of your arrival but it will cost you $25USD.

Vietnam is different. If you arrive at the border with no visa in your passport for Vietnam, they will turn you away. You must get your visa for Vietnam BEFORE you arrive at the border in a country other than Vietnam.

Visit any travel agent in Thailand or Cambodia to get your Vietnam Visa. Shop around and you'll be amazed the price differences.

Don't go with the tour agency. You can achieve your goals by going the expensive Mekong Express bus. They will collect all passengers' passports and complete them at once, ahead of anyone in the line.

Slip a $1USD in your passport and you'll be surprised how fast you get processed. Then you just hop back on the bus and off you go.

People who take the $6-7USD bus will have to carry their bags across the border and wait in line there. Then they board a second bus that leaves 45 minutes later.

The extra money is so worth it.

You can get your Mekong Express bus tickets right on Pham Ngu Lao Street in Saigon (HCMC).

Just walk back half a block from the corner of De Tham Street and Pham Ngu Lao Street, on the opposite side to the park, and you are there at Mekong Express Headquarters.


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