Seasonal Vietnam Weather patterns and Forecasts

"The Best Time to Visit Vietnam Depends on the Seasonal Forecast"

The problem with the seasonal Vietnam weather is that three parts of the country (Northern, Central, and Southern) act in very different ways all during the same 'Season'.

  • You Have Hanoi to The North with Its Cold Winters and hot Summers.
  • Ho Chi Minh City to the South with Its Hot Winters Scorching Summers and the wet Monsoon Season
  • The Central Part of Vietnam Blows Quick and Dramatic Climate Changes from Its Mountainous Peaks and Valleys

One could come across frozen dew and a sweating buffalo in the same day.

vietnam weather buffalo

To give you the best overall picture of the Vietnam weather patterns we had to cover all 3 Regions.

A pain in the butt, especially since few people are likely to support us by clicking on an Ad!

We have Ho Chi Minh City in the South, Dalat in the Central Region, and Hanoi in the Northern Region. We even included Danang and HaiPhong Weather because they are wacky areas.

You'll find a link to each city below.

We chose Hai Phong City because it's so near to Halong Bay, where the weather is just unpredictable. 

That's important for clear skies and smooth sailing on even the very best ....

2 Days-1 Night Halong bay cruise with Legacy Cruise

It was the only way to give you an overall look at the weather in Vietnam and any Vietnam weather forecasts to look forward to.

Hot Season...Cold Season...Rainy Season

It is good to know what Vietnam weather to expect if you are hatching a plan to Travel Vietnam.

The Winter Season is also known as the dry season in Vietnam. That's Weather talk..... It runs from November to April and throws monsoon winds from the Northeast, across the Gulf of Tonkin.

This is the worst time to visit the beaches in Vietnam that face to the Northeast, which is most of them. Unless you like Kite-Surfing, then it may just be paradise?

The winter season is the driest time to visit Vietnam and usually the coolest.

The average annual temperature in Vietnam is generally higher in the plains than in the mountains of Central  Vietnam. The same goes for the North and the South of the country.

The Southern Plains would be Ho Chi Minh City and the The Mekong Delta where temperatures vary only slightly, hovering between 21°C and 28°C (69.8°F and 82.4°F) throughout the entire year.

The seasons in the mountains and in the North vary much more dramatically. I once drove from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat in the Central part of Vietnam.

It was 23°C in Ho Chi Minh City but had dropped to 5°C when we arrived in Dalat City. We were shaking to the core because we had not packed the right clothes for it.

Expect temperatures to vary from 5°C (41 °F) in December and January up to a scorching 37 °C (98.6 °F) during the months of July and August.

Current and Forecasted Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Weather

We chose Ho Chi Minh City because it represents the South of Vietnam and paints an accurate picture of the weather in many destinations to the South.

Learn more about the current Ho Chi Minh City weather and weekly forecasts.

Current and Forecasted Danang Weather

We chose Danang because it sits at the Vietnam's halfway point between Hanoi City in the North and Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) to the South.

Since Danang is an industrial city, it does not reflect the average seasonal weather, because the city creates it's own weather.

That sounds horrible, but once you get out to the beaches of Danang, you'll love the beaches and weather.

Danang sits very close to the Eastern Seaboard at the center of Vietnam.

You might plan on a visit to the Cham Museum or the nearby Cham Ruins.

The Cham were the first people to conquer Angkor Wat, so they had the know how to build amazing structures.

Learn more about the current and forecasted Danang Weather.

Current Bao Loc (Central Highlands, Vietnam) Weather

Bao Loc is a city in Lam Dong Province. It is smack in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam and makes an excellent barometer for people headed to the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Bao Loc is famous for its registered trademark of "B'lao tea". That is all anyone ever says. I tried it and got some healthy yet undesired after effects.

The Central Highlands is the part of Vietnam that most tourist never visit. that's why you should go. so much is untouched by mass tourism.

We won't change this today but a trip to Dalat on the back of a motorbike rented in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is a life changing trip that we highly Recommend.

I'll never forget it. The Vietnamese were so beautifully traditional, yet curious enough to engage in conversation.

Learn more about the weather in the Central Highlands of Vietnam with the Bao Loc weather as your guide.

Current and forecasted Weather in Hanoi

Few people go further North than Hanoi. Walk North for about 220km from Hanoi and you'll end up at a Chinese border crossing into Kunming province.

The weather in Hanoi city is usually a few degrees warmer than outside the city limits. The pollution is so thick that it acts as a blanket over the City. holding in the noise and heat.

Halong Bay is 170km away from Hanoi but Hai Phong is roughly half of that. Hanoi will almost always mark the coldest temperatures in the country so we had to include it here.

Find out more about current and forecasted Hanoi Weather Reports.

Current Haiphong Weather and Forecasted Weather in Hai Phong

Hai Phong City displays much of the same weather as does Halong Bay.

The 2 cities are about 75km apart but both face in the same direction and meet the oncoming weather fronts that flow through the Gulf of Tonkin.

I included Haiphong into the Vietnam Weather equation because the City is a good barometer for the coming weather in Halong Bay.

And if you visit Hanoi then you must do a boat trip in Halong Bay. It is stunning.

Get More Information about the Weather in Haiphong

Always remember that when the Vietnam Weather is at its best, the Air Tickets to Asia are at their most expensive, as is accommodation and, well, everything.

If you plan your trip for the tail end of high season then tickets are cheaper. You may run the risk of the Vietnam weather turning on you but it may be worth the risk.

Prices can drop as much as $400USD - $500USD on some airlines.

You can keep an eye on prices at They really have served me well in every way and I only recommend services that make me look good..

There is only one conclusion.

The month which you choose when to travel will not only affect the weather you must deal with but also the cost of getting there, and the amount of other tourist you'll run into.

I have always tried to hit the tail end of the winter months in Vietnam but I have often delayed a trip by a few weeks in order to save cash on the flight ticket.

The best trips I've ever done, or organized for others, are right in the risk zone (or sweet spot) between high season and the start of low season.. 


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