Vietnam Work Permit Process - It is not that horrible

by Hilda

It is not that horrible

Hi, I am Czech citizen and have not even the embassy in SG, where I live now. If you have the embassy, you can get at least the criminal record there.

I worked almost one year without the work permit as I was preparing the documents. Nothing happened but the company urgerd me to get it. First I did my health check in FVH on Vo Thi Sau, it took 2 hours and next morning I came for the results. It cost 1 500 000 vnd. But within next 6 months I did not manage to get other documents, so it expired and I had to do it again.

But then I started first with criminal record (big office on Pasteur st.), cost 100 000 and I got it after one month, but to give them the copy of the passport, photos and show the red book took me only a few minutes. I had to have criminal record from my country, but if you stay here longer than 6 months, may be you do not need it, but in Czech you get it at every post office checking point, so I brought it to VN, had it translated for 50 000 vnd with the stamp.

Then I had to have translated my diploma, and stamped by the vn embassy in my country.(1 page in my country costs 400 000, not 50 000 vnd.) Then I did my health check again, this time in CHO ROI hospital, it took me one afternoon and next week I came to pick up the results. I risked and did not do the AIDS test, so the whole check up cost me about 700 000 VND, I think the cheapest in SG.

It was also interesting experience to see the famous VN hospital (still very poor and old system, wouldn't go there to be treated). Then I went to the office where they give the work permit, bought there the special envelope with the forms, filled it in and waited to meet the officer.

After a few minutes of their observing me and smiling they told me that I should give it all these things to my employer and he shall come there and do it for me. So I did it and after 8 weeks I have received my work permit (incredible
- for 3 years). Thanks to this work permit I have then received the residence card (which was really very simple to get, you do not need anything from your country or to be translated), also valid for 3 years!!!! So I did this paper work but I am free from byrocracy for a really long period.


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You say it is not so bad but your story sounds like a lot of work to many people. You must also remember that some people cannot pass the health test and some people don't want to spend what sounds like $600-$800USD.

I began the process and even did my health test. Then I decided to weigh staying in Vietnam versus Cambodia, which asks for absolutely nothing but a good command of English.

I have been in Cambodia ever since. If you are heavily invested in Vietnam I can understand going through so much and paying out so much just to get my documents translated. Is it worth it to you?

That was the question so I left Vietnam. There are much, much better counties near Vietnam that leave me alone and don't make me send away for my Criminal Record for $300USD for a blank piece of paper.

It all depends on each person and what your answer to the question "Do I really love living in Vietnam so much?". If you answer yes, then it is easy and you don't mind spending the money.

If you start questioning whether living in Vietnam is so nice that you would expose your life to them and pay out near $800USD, you may want to visit Cambodia, Thailand and even Malaysia.

You are a Gem, Hilda. Thank you for being so positive and giving hope to people who may have a trip to Vietnam to teach English marked down on their dream list.

Congratulations about your Work Permit.


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