Vietnamese-American? We Need a Foreigner!

by John
(Saigon, Vietnam)

I'm frustrated, I'm Vietnamese-Amerasian, I'm almost 6-ft tall, have dark-brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin.

Growing up most Vietnamese didn't think I looked Asian-enough; now I'm told I don't look foreign enough to fit the bill for their stereotype of what a native-English speaker should look like.

I feel so angry, at least in the States, you can file a complaint against workplace discrimination when turned down for a job that you have the same qualifications as a white person (who might in this case actually be lesser qualified.)

I'm thinking about going to a salon, dying my hair light brown and investing in some blue colored contact lenses. I just feel so frustrated. I've changed my name on my CV and cover letter, my middle name was "Nguyen" (my mom's maiden name, the only part of my name that's Vietnamese at all.

I feel frustrated, since I'm already here, I'm in the Saigon grind, looking for work, sweating as I pound the pavement and I'm held up by their preconceived notions of what an English-speaker should look like.


Someone help John, Please. Let's wait and see if anyone is willing to share their personal experiences with you.

I am a white boy so I could never understand as well as another Vietnamese-American.

Where are you? All?


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Sep 10, 2011
Teaching English Tips for John
by: Anonymous

From your description of yourself.....I really envy you, you've got the best of both worlds!!! almost the ideal alpha-male.

In the end, John, all that matters is how you choose to see yourself. Don't worry about appearance!!!! do you know that after someone meets you (after that 4 minutes where they judge you by your appearance), the next 4 minutes is how you will eventually be judged, when your personality shines through. By forgetting appearance and stop thinking about how you are judged. Show you enthusiasm, your interest, your positive attitude & your confidence. Always remember, your inner glow is what shines through.

If you try to change yourself externally, you will have killed further your chance at succeeding in anything. And how can you be sure that the so-called 'knock backs' in the past were related to appearance anyway? change your thoughts, change your life....good luck.

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