Volunteer Work Cambodia

by Julia

I really really really want to do some volunteer work in Cambodia. I'd like to work with the children, perhaps teaching English to them or whatever they need.

However, most of the opportunities here in England cost £1500. They supply a posting, a place to stay and food. I'd love to just offer my help and I find it amazing that there isn't an Agency that just says "Come on over and we'll get you to work. 1,500 Pounds? That doesn't even include the plane ticket.

Does anyone know any charities that are free?


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You should contact the NGO's in your country first but they are often a funny group. I have those advertisements for the volunteer programs that you're talking about.

'Pay £1500 and come to help the people in Cambodia'.

Why can't we just come to Cambodia and offer our services to the neediest Organizations on our own? We are doing all the work after all? Well, the answer is that you can do it on your own.

I think some of the companies advertising like that may be middle men of sorts who do provide a service. That service is to provide people with a sense of security.

Not many people have the will and the guts to fly on their own into Cambodia, away from every comfort they know, without some sort of security blanket.

These companies will pick you up at the airport, organize where you'll stay (at inflated pricing), introduce you to a few NGO organizations and generally help you settle in ... at a fee.

If you are serious about doing some volunteer work in Cambodia, say teaching English to kids who can't afford it, just book a ticket to Cambodia on a one-year or six month open-ended ticket and go.

It will take you all of about an hour before you start seeing posters on walls calling for volunteers to go upcountry to some remote village to teach English. You will meet NGOs all over the city so wait a few days or even weeks to establish which the good charities are and what you want to do.

It will be time well spent.

You are especially needed in Cambodia if you have experience with any of the trades. Electricians, Bricklayers, Pipe-Fitters. I used some experience I had with bricklaying to help an organization in Cambodia that puts up houses for people who otherwise would sleep in cardboard or corrugated iron shacks.

I spent 6 weekends (12 days) building that one home. The father put on a brave face when the job was done and I shook his hand. But he couldn't stop the tears and I will never forget the gratitude in his eyes.

So, get over here if you want to help some awesome kids learn some English or sleep under a better roof. It is rewarding in many ways and you don't have to pay that £1500.

Please believe me. You can find accommodation here if you like. Some of the rooms are less than $9USD a night. Within a few days you will find perhaps 20 different opportunities to help.

Don't pay the £1500. Just get over here.


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Apr 30, 2011
teaching in Cambodia
by: Anonymous

This is exactly what I intend to do in September of 2011. I have 30 years teaching experience, so I am hoping I will find something........maggie

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